Correct Ways to Feed a Cat

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Correct Ways to Feed a Cat

You might have noticed that your cat starts moving around you in a circle during her mealtime or stares at you constantly with a muffled meow. Undoubtedly, cats are very punctual and love when their owners provide them with food.

Mealtime is the perfect opportunity for cat owners to create a strong bond with their pet cats. However, knowing how to feed a cat properly is essential to make mealtime enjoyable.

Cats are very picky creatures, and they have different preferences when it comes to food, including the flavors, smell, and textures. Finding the right cat food that is complete and balanced is the first way to feed your cat correctly.

Choosing the right food for your cat can be tricky. You must consider several factors such as the food type, placement, and how much to feed a cat. With proper guidance, you can make your cat’s mealtime relaxing.

How to Properly Feed Your Cat

Choose the Right Food

The first step is to find the right cat food. Depending on your cat’s age, you need to feed her either kitten food or cat food. Aside from the cat’s age, you also need to consider her weight, health, and whether she is an indoor cat or not.

Moreover, you need to choose a variety of flavors and textures as well. You can feed your cat either dry or wet food or combine both. Cat’s yummy flavors and textures are chicken or fish and creamy or crunchy. You may need to try these textures before making the choice your cat loves.

Determine the Amount of Food

No matter what type of food you choose for your cat, knowing how much to feed a cat each day is essential. Overfeeding can lead to weight gain, which is the root cause of many other health problems in your cat.

Before feeding your cat, it is recommended to read the feeding instructions given on the cat food label to see how much you should feed your cat each day. If your cat is overweight, you need to decrease the amount of food to avoid overfeeding.

Keep in mind that getting your cat spayed or neutered can decrease your cat’s energy leading to weight gain. If your cat has undergone surgery, it is important to discuss how to adjust the cat’s diet with your vet.

Set a Feeding Schedule and Routine

How often to feed a cat is another thing to consider. Establishing a specific feeding schedule or routine for your cat’s feeding time is best as it will help her know the expected mealtime. The process can become more enjoyable for both of you.

You can divide the amount of daily food into two or three meals. Wet cat food should be eaten within 20 to 30 minutes, and the remaining food should be refrigerated and given within 24 hours. So you need to consider how much wet food to feed a cat within a single meal.

Black cat eating food from bowl

Choose the Correct Feeding Dish

Cats have sharp senses; their whiskers help them navigate their surroundings, communicate their mood, and even determine the width of openings.

When you feed a cat, avoid choosing deep bowls with high sides because they will irritate your cat’s whiskers, negatively impacting her mealtime. The phenomenon is called ‘whisker stress’ and can disturb her.

The best type of feeding dish is cat bowls and plates that are shallow and wide. These types of dishes make your cat’s mealtime stress-free. A shallow bowl should also make your cat aware of her surroundings when she eats, as it will help her feel more at ease.

It will also be easy for you to catch any stray bits and clean up the wide bowls easily when your cat is done eating.

Find a Good Placement

Your cat can have better access to her food bowl if it is kept in a corner out of the way. It is crucial to find a suitable location if you have multiple cats in your household. Naturally, cats like to eat food with a clear view to detect and approach predators from their surroundings.

If you want your cat to feel comfortable while eating, consider keeping her bowl in an open area. But if you have other pet animals, you may need to consider your cat’s food bowl on a higher surface that should be unreachable to other pets.

Try Feeding Toys

Make your cat’s mealtime more fun with feeding toys. Get puzzle feeders and food distributor balls to encourage your cat’s energy to hunt. These types of feeding toys provide stimulation to your cat and keep her occupied throughout the day. They are also suitable for obese cats who need to lose weight.

Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Many owners overlook hydrating their cats when it comes to feeding a cat. It is essential to keep your cat hydrated while keeping her tummy full with food because hydration is critical for her entire health.

Many cats don’t drink enough water, and cats in the wild drink stagnant water that often contains bacteria and parasites, so cats impulsively steer clear.

Your cat may have the same feelings toward a water bowl as a food bowl. Choosing the water dish or replacing the water bowl frequently can help. Many cats like running water, so it is best to try a cat water fountain. You can also keep your cat hydrated with wet food as it is another source of hydration.

A cat is using a water dispenser

Wrapping Up

Whether you welcome a new cat into your home or want to make mealtime with your current furry friend more enjoyable, finding the best way to feed a cat can help you bond with her. Also, you will not have to worry about her health.

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