Dangerous Household Items for Cats

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Dangerous Household Items for Cats

We all know that cats have a curious nature, and you must have heard the phrase ‘’ curiosity killed the cat’’. Now you must be wondering the link between the words and the cat’s curiosity, right? Well, some household items can be dangerous for your little feline, even toxic too. Being a pet parent, you will never want to hurt your kitten. Therefore, you should learn how to defend your cat and how to keep your home safe, your little feline companion.

This article has listed some dangerous substances and objects that you should keep out of your cat’s reach completely. So let’s get started!

● Earplugs


If you are one of those people who use earplugs for complete silence to sleep soundly, then you might be unaware that when your leave your earplugs open, they can become a toy for your cat. Cats can easily swallow earplugs as their size is perfect to camp in a cat’s intestine. Therefore, it is essential to keep the earplugs out of your cat’s reach probably store them in a box or a drawer.

● Household Cleaners

Many household cleaners contain detergents, disinfectants, and bleaches that can harm your cat. For this, you will not need to buy other unique products to avoid risky, harmful situations. The best way to keep your cat out of this toxic substance is that once you are done, do not let your cat come near to the place until it is scorched, an easy way to keep your cat safe. If your pet cat accidentally walks on wet surfaces, wipe out her paws before she licks them.

When a cat ingests any cleaning product, it can cause chemical burns, vomiting, drooling, and difficult breathing. Therefore, it is better to keep all the household cleaners where no animal can contact.

● Medication

A bunch of medicine under a magnifying glass

Never give any medication to your cat without the prescriptions directed by yo0ur veterinarian. Even if the particular medication is safe for humans, it can still be deadly to your cat. Even a small amount of acetaminophen can cause death to your cat. If you apply any medicated cream or ointments on your skin, don’t let your cat come near to you or lick you. Your cosmetic kits can also make your cat sick.

● Essential Oils and Oil Diffusers

It would be surprising to know that essential oils and oil diffusers can be harmful to your cat. Scientifically, it has been concluded that you can save your cat by keeping all types of essential oils and oil diffusers away from her. It would be better to turn the home when you are not home and never put any essential oil directly on your cat.

● House Plants

A cute cat behind flowers

House plants such as lilies are hazardous for cats. There are two different species of toxic lilies. One is True lilies, and the other is daylilies; these two species remained on the five exposure in 2020 that cause kidney failure in cats. Some examples of true lilies are Asiatic, Tiger, Japanese Show lilies, and Easter. These all types are inexpensive, fragrant, and long-lasting. Even if a cat ingests small petals, pollen, or leaf, it can result in severe irreversible kidney failure of your cat. Therefore, never let your cat go near those toxic plants if, in case she ingests anything, rushes her to immediate veterinary care.

● Bones

At the end of our meal, we often throw the remaining bones to feed the cat, but bones are dangerous for the cats too! Yes, because when we cook bones, they become fragile, leaving sharp points that, if swallowed by your cat, cause internal bleeding. It is wise not to give cats any bone and keep them away from eating from any trash bin as it can cause a significant risk to their health!

● Exposed Wires

Cats, especially kittens, tend to see the play and chew exposed wires. Ensure that after using wires, roll and cover them correctly and keep them out of your cat’s reach. Cat is curious, and they don’t know the harm of electrical wires. Take necessary precautions every time you have assumptions about your cat for not being too curious.

● Certain Foods

Like dogs, there are certain foods that your cat cannot eat, and you should not attempt to make them eat either. Here is the list of the number of genuinely toxic food for your cat.

A red Persian cat is sitting near onions

Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic cause anemia in your feline. They also contain concentrated forms such as garlic and onion powder.


Cats enjoy truffles, protein bars, hot chocolate, baked goods, plain chocolate bar, and chocolate-flavored yogurt. These foods are rich in sugars and fats that cause diarrhea and vomiting in cats, leading to dehydration. There is also a specific amount of theobromine that causes a change in heart rate and blood pressure in cats causing trembling and seizures.

Alcohol and Raw Dough

Alcohol and raw dough cause expansion in the cat’s stomach. Alcohol poisoning results in causing diarrhea, breathing difficulty, seizures, and lack of coordination, even sometimes death also.

Ginger sleeping kitten next to a large red mug of coffee


Caffeine contains methylxanthines, and like chocolates, it also causes the same condition in cats.

Grapes and Raisins

If your cat shows the signs of vomiting, lethargy, decreased urination, and abdominal pain, then there is possible it has eaten grapes or raisins. Grapes and raisins may cause kidney failure in cats.


Xylitol is found in toothpaste, mints, and candy. Even a tiny amount of these can lead to liver failure and hypoglycemia in cats.

Keeping our curious feline companions safe and healthy can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of them. The extra effort is, of course, well worth it. Every cat owner wishes charming cuddling and pounce-filled playtimes for as many years as possible!

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