12 Tips to Choose a Name for Your Cat

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12 Tips to Choose a Name for Your Cat

Have you just gotten a new cat? Well, the most important question right now is what to name it! Naming a cat can be a complex task. Cats are very mysterious, loving animals, and it won’t take long before they become an integral part of your family. Naming them is just like naming a newborn baby. You know they will be stuck with the name for the rest of their lives, and you should make an effort to make it as meaningful as possible.

1. Make it a family affair

Choosing a name with your family indeed is a lovely thing to do

In today’s day and age, families seem to be drifting apart. A cat is an integral part of a household, and naming it with our family members can be a bonding exercise for everyone.  Make your family sit down after dinner over tea and coffee and ask for suggestions. Draw lots, do some brainstorming, and you’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be!

2. Look to famous figures

There is no reason why your cat should not be named after a celebrity! If your cat is very agile, you could call it Michael Jordan! If your cat is very serious, then maybe something like Piers Morgan would be good. Naming your cat after a celebrity can be funny. At the same time, it will immediately convey an essential aspect of your cat’s personality to people who hear it.

3. Understand your cat’s personality

Like human beings, cat names should convey their personality too. If your cat is naughty and fun-loving, something like Bubbles may be a good fit. If it is serious or pensive, then Aristotle might be a suitable name. The more you personalize your cat’s name and alter it to suit its personality, the better it will sound.

4. Choose a name fit for an adult

While it may be appealing to name your cat according to what it looks like when it is just a tiny kitten, remember that the kitten will grow up soon! Something like Tiny or Dainty may seem very out of place once your cute little kitten grows into a large adult cat. Having some foresight while naming your kitten can prevent your cat from having an awkward-sounding name when it is grown up.

5. Make it short

While human beings have a first, middle, and last name, cat names should be simple. You will need to call your cat numerous times a day. You may have to chastise it occasionally or call it to come to eat its food. Choosing a short name will make your life easier since using your cat’s full name to call it out can be very tiresome.

6. Use book characters

Look for a book character that suits your cat best.

Is your cat big and furry? Hagrid (from Harry Potter) could be a good name then! Does your cat have long white fur? Why not name it Gandalf, after the wizard in the Lord of the Rings? If your cat appears lofty and elegant, then Darcy may be a good option after Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. When you start looking at book characters for your cat’s name, the world is your oyster since you can find a name that suits your pet’s personality.

7. Think about the name

Do not rush into naming your cat. You don’t need to name your cat the day you get it. Take a few days, maybe even a week or two, to think about a good name. Once you choose a name, you will start addressing your cat by it, and it will not be easy to change it once your cat gets used to it. Moreover, the way your cat’s personality comes out can be significantly impacted by its name. So be sure it is something that you feel comfortable calling your cat.

8. Don’t be rude

While there is nothing wrong with giving your cat a funny name, there is a thin line between funny and rude. Do not name your cats after notorious historical figures or dictators. Refrain from giving your cat a name that contains words that may be deemed offensive by certain groups of people. In today’s harsh world, it does not hurt to be sensitive!

9. Think about the breed

Some cat names are especially suitable for particular breeds. For example, if your cat is a Persian cat with fluffy white fur, something like Princess or Lady may be a great name to convey a sense of royal elegance.

10. Analyze your cat’s look

One helpful tip for naming your cat is looking at your cat itself! What color is it, what color are its eyes? If your cat is orange, Ginger might be a good name. If it has a spot on it, how about something like Spotty or Dots?

11. Use name generators

The online generator is one of the options you can choose

If you cannot think of any name for your new cat, we suggest using a random name generator on the internet. There are a lot of free options available online, and you can use any of them. These generators can generate thousands of names in a matter of seconds. Once you look at the lists of these names, some notable names may pop up that hadn’t occurred to you before.

12. Look at typical names

Well, this may not seem like much of a tip to some, but we seriously believe in looking at typical cat names for inspiration. Names like Whiskers, Fluffy, and Snowbell are classics for a reason. They are easy to remember and have a nice ring to them. If a typical cat name appeals to you, do not be bogged down by the fact that it is too familiar. What makes your cat unique is its personality and your love for them, and giving it a classic name will not affect any of this.

While naming a cat is challenging, we hope that the tips we have given you make this journey easier for you. After all, you only get to name your cat once, so make the most of it!

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