Reasons Why a Cat Likes Boxes So Much

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A kitten sits in a cardboard box

Indeed, many owners are usually really baffled in this case, especially when they aim to buy a new cool toy for their cats, but the cat somehow seems more interested in a dull old box.

To cats, there isn’t any toy in the world that can compete with boxes as it is their safe space. The information provided further in this article will help you understand why do cats like boxes.

Cats And Boxes

Many people have questioned why cats like boxes, and there are many reasons for it, but the main one is that they are confined and enclosed spaces which the cats are fond of. They are predators who love these places to hide, ambush their prey during a hunt, and simultaneously feel warm and safe.

There are many other reasons cats like boxes, but they mostly include how cats feel because of the boxes and their impact.

The Anti-Social Reason Behind Cat’s Fondness For Boxes

If you ask yourself why cats love boxes so much and why cats sit in boxes, you will understand how cats are at conflict resolution. According to research, cats are bad at conflict resolution and tend to run away from uncomfortable situations.

Bengal cat hiding inside a box
Bengal cat hiding inside a box

They decrease their activity and avoid anything to ignore any resolutions or solve conflicts. Hence, you can see why cats like boxes, as this is where they can run off to, avoiding any issue during a conflict, as they are not big fans of it.

Cats are always more inclined to run off whenever there is a problem and avoid those issues. Cats love to sit in their box and feel safe in there. They save themselves from the negative impacts of the outside world. These answer a few questions like why do cats like boxes and why do cats sit in boxes.

Boxes are considered safe by cats

If you are confused about why cats like boxes or why cats sit in boxes, cats value a sense of security and comfort, especially from enclosed spaces. Due to this, cats consider boxes as hiding places where predators couldn’t get close enough.

Moreover, the answer to why cats love boxes is because they build a place for themselves where they aren’t being seen or observed by humans daily, and some people might even react badly to them.

The other reasons why do cats like boxes are given and briefly explained below.

Russian Blue cat leaning outside a box
Russian Blue cat leaning outside a box

Boxes Help Cats To Adapt

If you wonder why cats like boxes so much, it is because they help the cats adapt to a different environment. This is proven through research conducted by the University of Utrecht. They recently discovered why cats like boxes so much.

According to this research, cats love boxes, and there is excellent warmth that can be made from wood.  This helps them adapt to the environment quicker and faster, making it a comfy little place.

These Boxes Are Made Out Of Cardboard

This is another reason why boxes are used, as they are made of cardboard. Cardboard is an excellent insulator that helps keep a cat warm, and these boxes have enough space to make a cat feel comfy and curl up inside them. Boxes offer more than just a place to relax but also a proper comfort zone.

Cats Have A Curious Nature

One of the reasons cats like boxes so much is because cats tend to be extremely curious and love trying out and investigating new things you buy for them. When they compare everything with the cardboard box, they make it quite clear that they prefer it more.

New items smell different from the cats, and they are also very curious to see the purpose of the new items bought. Once they figure out the purpose, it is hard for them not to ensure that they require the same boxes every day.

A gray cat inside a cardboard box
A gray cat inside a cardboard box

Boxes Are Great Places To Sleep

Why do cats like boxes? Because it is one of the most comfortable places to sleep in, where cats can roll and curve on its surface. The cat can stay at a warm and comfortable temperature and can spend up to 18 hours every day sleeping in that perfect spot.

Boxes are simple to us, but it is a luxury for cats at almost no cost. They can live, hide, and sleep in it without being judged.

The Texture Of The Box And Cats Attraction Towards It

Another reason why cats like boxes are because some cats love the texture. They feel like it is a perfect structure to chew on, bite on, and scratch as much as they want.

This helps relieve the aggressiveness of cats, helps them relax in front of their owners, and then goes on and makes a plain old box look attractive again.

Boxes Aren’t Only Attractive To The House Cats

It is a fact that no matter which cat it is, a street cat or a house cat, it is still inclined towards boxes just the same. If a street cat is put in a box, it will have a lot of fun; it’ll feel safe enough to goof around, rollover, and nap there for a while.

They would be experiencing joy without having to do anything, as a box is closer to home to cats than the cats are to their owners. Hence, you can understand why cats like boxes as they are fond of closed and quiet places, but it also helps them get their anxiety levels in check and makes them spend a relaxing time in it.


It is a universal fact that cats and boxes are best friends. This article enlightens one as to why cats like boxes so much, and it shows how the boxes have such an impact on the cat’s emotions and help it control them.

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