Types and Cost of Cat Blood Tests

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Types and Cost of Cat Blood Tests

Cat blood tests can be performed for multiple reasons. It does not always mean that your cat is severely ill, but it could mean that. That is why it is best to stay on top of your cat’s health.

How is a Cat Blood Test Performed?

A cat blood test will take a specific amount of blood from your cat through a needle and syringe. Although your cat may try to resist, this is usually not very painful because it may be scared or confused. It is always helpful to see a familiar face when undergoing any such procedure like us humans.

If your cat is having its blood drawn, it is good to accompany them. If you can hold your cat, it will be easier for the veterinarian to perform the cat blood test. This can also reduce any risk of injury, as your cat will be much calmer.

Types of Cat Blood Test

There are various types of cat blood tests, and all of these can help tell your veterinarian something different. They indicate what may be wrong with your cat’s health and what disease they may have.

Having a cat blood test done is very helpful when your veterinarian does not know what is wrong with your cat, but something is wrong. Having the correct diagnosis down is paramount so that your veterinarian can decide on a treatment plan and have your cat start it as soon as possible.

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Common Cat Blood Tests

There is a vast range of what cat blood test your veterinarian requires—however, some more general and common ones to look out for.


CBC stands for a complete blood count. This cat blood test is ordered to measure how many red or white blood cells your cat’s immune system produces. CBC can help diagnose your cat if it has infections in its kidney or elsewhere in the body, diabetes, problems with its liver, or if your cat is anemic. This cat blood test can also help identify if your cat is dehydrated.


This cat blood test is done to check your cat’s glucose levels. This can help your veterinarian identify whether your cat has diabetes. If your cat’s glucose levels are high, this will indicate that it probably does have diabetes. If it is low, this can also be a valuable source of information for your veterinarian to diagnose your cat.


This cat blood test can tell your veterinarian about your cat’s hydration levels and if its organs are functioning properly. Suppose there is liver or kidney failure that your cat is going through. In that case, this test will be a good source of information for your veterinarian.

T4 Thyroid

The thyroid hormone governs and regulates many bodily functions in the human body and the cat anatomy. The T4 thyroid test can indicate hyperthyroidism, a very common disease in cats. It can increase their appetite yet make them lose weight to an unhealthy measure. This cat blood test can also answer why your cat is vomiting very often.

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Cost of Cat Blood Test

Cat blood tests can vary in how much they will cost you. Some require more medical equipment, whereas some are simple blood drawing tests that are over in under 10 seconds. Tests such as x-rays will be more costly.

Generally, cat blood tests cost anywhere from $55 to $175. However, these charges can even go up to $250. Each test is not this expensive, but your cat will need more than one test done in most cases. So, it usually adds up to cost this much.

Why Are Cat Blood Tests So Expensive?

Cats are such small animals, but their blood tests can be costly. This is due to the special medical equipment that has to be designed and bought to carry out a cat blood test. Medical equipment to carry out human blood tests is much more common.

Many manufacturers make this equipment, so the cost of buying and using them goes down. Special medical equipment for cats is harder to design and purchase, so the costs of these tests increase.

Cat blood test tube

Extra Costs in a Cat Blood Test

Even if your veterinarian has ordered a standard, routine cat blood test, the cost may increase depending on whether they have the available equipment and the capacity to test out the blood.

Your veterinarian may have to outsource, meaning they may have to send your cat’s blood to another laboratory with the equipment and capacity to test it. This will cost them extra; thus, it will cost you extra.

Saving Money on a Cat Blood Test

If your veterinarian is charging you extra because they need to outsource the test, it is good to get a second opinion. Perhaps you can find another veterinarian in your area that can perform the necessary tests in their laboratory and doesn’t need to outsource. This way you will be able to save some money.

It is still a good idea to get a second opinion on the required blood tests. You can easily get a quotation of how much the tests will cost from another veterinarian over the phone. This is especially easy if you know exactly what cat blood test needs to be done.

Many types of cat blood tests can be performed, and it is a good idea to leave it to the professionals to decide which one your cat needs. Comforting your cat before getting any tests done is a good idea to stay calm. It will make it easier for your veterinarian to draw out blood.

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