Differentiate Between Natural And Organic Cat Food?

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Differentiate Between Natural And Organic Cat Food?

These days, people have realized how important it is to fill their body with the right nutrients to keep a well functioning mind and body. Because of this, more people are starting to realize it is so important to feed their pet’s organic cat food.

What is natural cat food?

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Natural cat food has been defined by the U.S Food and Drug Administration as food for cats that have not been manufactured by a synthesis process, or in other words, artificially. This natural cat food will consist of all-natural ingredients, such as those ingredients that have been derived from animal or plant sources. They cannot have additives in them, such as those that are synthesized chemically. The food will also not contain any processed ingredients.

The exception

As stated above, natural cat food can not have any processed ingredients in it or anything that has been synthesized or created artificially. However, there is an exception to this, which are ingredients that are vital to the manufacturing of this natural cat food and have a certain amount of artificial components to them. If this ingredient can not be avoided in the manufacturing of natural cat food, it may be added in.

Types of processing allowed

Natural cat food does not add in ingredients that are processed or artificial. However, the food itself is allowed to be physical or heat processed, purified, extracted, hydrolyzed, and fermented. Even if it goes through these processes, it can still be classified as natural cat food.

What is organic cat food?

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The word organic here basically means to manufacture cat food without the use of pesticides. Any organic cat food will only include ingredients that have been grown in fields that have not been sprayed with pesticides for at least three years. The ingredients in the organic cat food (if any type of livestock or product derived from livestock) will only be fed organic food themselves. This livestock must also not be given hormones to grow or any type of antibiotics.

More on pesticides

Organic cat food is basically different from natural cat food in the way that it steers clear completely of pesticides and does not include any ingredients that have been sprayed with pesticides. So what exactly are pesticides, and what are they used for? Pesticides are basically chemicals.

They are sprayed on crops that are growing in fields so that pets such as insects and others don’t damage the crops before they can be harvested by eating away at them. Pesticides are used widely across the world because they are very helpful in efficiently growing and harvesting crops so that they can be sold and consumed. However, pesticides have any disadvantages to them, however helpful they may be.

Disadvantages to using pesticides

Pesticides are often toxic for animals and humans. Consuming pesticides (or rather food that has been sprayed with pesticides) can cause a lot of damage to ones’ health, such as cancer, ADHD, and numerous birth defects.

The ‘organic cat food’ label

Farm produce can be labeled as organic if it meets the requirements set by the United States Department of Agriculture. However, the question remains that how many organic ingredients need to be present in a specific brand of cat food or it to be labeled ‘Organic cat food.’

100% Organic cat food

Cat food can only be labeled as 100% organic cat food when each and every ingredient in it is organic, i.e., has never come in contact with any pesticides.

Organic kitten food

Purchasing and feeding your kitten organic food is so important because it will help your kitten become strong and healthy from an early age. The benefits of a healthy diet are strength, softer and silkier fur, and a sharp mind. By feeding your kitten organic food, you will be making sure your kitten is not consuming any growth hormones or synthesized food products. There are many brands that you can choose from when it comes to organic cat food, such as Instinct Cat Food.

Benefits of a healthy diet

Paying special attention to what food your cat is eating can be very beneficial in the long run. You will notice your cat will have fewer skin problems, and its coat quality will improve. The fur will grow out to be silky and strong. Feeding your cat healthy food also means that their energy will increase, as they will have a stronger immune system. Healthy food is also easier for the stomach and easier to ingest.

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Natural cat food or Organic cat food?

Both options are equally good for your cat – just make sure whatever you are feeding your cat is AAFCO approved. Also, make sure your cat has a balanced diet. This means their diet cannot just be all dry food, or all meat, or all milk. They need a little bit of everything, in moderation. You can also ask your veterinarian the best food for your cat, and they may be able to provide you with a basic list of what your should stock up on based on the specifics of your cat, such as breed, age, weight, etc.

Organic cat food can be a little more expensive than natural cat food, generally speaking. However, if you are someone that will be worried about their cat digesting all these chemicals and pesticides, then you should probably think about switching to Organic Cat Food. Organic cat food will be free of any pesticides or chemicals, which will have a great outcome once you start feeding it to your cat.

Obviously, there always is the moral argument too. This is that pesticides and other chemicals used in farming and the manufacture of food products are very harmful to the environment. So, if that is something that matters a lot to you, perhaps think about switching to Organic cat food instead of natural cat food.