Five Similarities Between Sphynx and Donskoy Breeds

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Thanks to artificial breeding, there are numerous different breeds of cats available now. Each breed is distinctive and unique in its way. Many people have particular preferences for the kind of cats they want to keep. Every breed of cat also has its unique personality and character traits.

Some common breeds of house cats are Persian cats, Bengal cats, British shorthair cats, Maine Moon cats, Munchkin cats, and many others. In this article, we will be discussing a few similarities between a Sphynx cat and a Donskoy cat. We hope that you enjoy reading this article and it helps you get a better understanding of different cat breeds. This would also help you make a better and more informed decision about which breed of cat you want to adopt.

Donskoy and Sphynx are both hairless breeds of cats

Both Donskoy and Sphynx breeds are known as bald cats. They are both distinctive because of being hairless cats. This is because of a genetic mutation in these cats. However, the particular mutation that causes hairlessness differs. In Sphynx, it is because of a recessive gene. On the other hand, this trait is because of a dominant gene mutation in the Donskoy breed.

Donskoy and Sphynx breeds are a result of natural selection

Both these breeds have resulted because of the process of artificial selection. A few decades ago, the first hairless cat was seen. Slowly and gradually, they were bred to create more generations of hairless cats, which gave an origin to the breed of Sphynx cats. Donskoy breed is also known as DonRussian Donskoy, Don hairless, and Russian hairless.

Sphynx breed is similar in personality to the Donskoy breed

Both these hairless cats are unique in their personalities. Often people like to have these breeds of cats rather than those with hair, especially because of their amicable personalities. Sphynx and Donskoy are both amazing companions and prove to be great friends for their humans. They are very playful and love to engage with their humans in all kinds of activities.

Both the breeds of cats have similar health risks

The feature of hairlessness puts these breeds of cats at a greater risk for various health conditions. They are much more vulnerable to skin diseases and infections, which can occur due to tick or insect bites, as they do not have a protective covering of fur on their bodies. These cats also have a greater chance of suffering from volume depletion and subsequently getting dehydrated.

Hence it is advisable to keep them indoors and prevent them from going outdoors for an extensive period. They also require a higher amount of fluid consumption in the form of water to overcome their excessive water loss.

They both have similar levels of activity

 A hairless cat is known for its playful nature and high levels of energy. Both Donskoy and Sphynx breeds love to engage in games, particularly for kittens and young cats. However, Sphynx and Donskoy cats are not confrontational or aggressive by nature.

Hence they have a higher likelihood of getting bullied or hurt by stray animals or a neighbor’s pet. You must limit the time that they spend unsupervised in the open and monitor their activities. If they get into a fight, they have a higher chance of suffering a serious injury as they do not have a fur cushion to protect their internal organs.

It is difficult to find these breeds of cats

Bald breeds of cats are unique and special. Sphynx and Donskoy are rare breeds, and they are only found in some specific parts of the world. Many cat enthusiasts spend months, if not years, to find their hairless feline, and often their attempts turn out to be futile.

If you are looking for a hairless cat, you should contact someone involved in artificial breeding. However, make sure you do your research and do not get into business with someone who exploits poor cats solely for breeding and keeps them in debilitating conditions.

They both have similar grooming needs

Being hairless defines a lot of lifestyle and grooming needs of both these breeds. Since both of these breeds of cats do not have hair or a fur coat, they require meticulous grooming. While most breeds of cats require their fur to be combed and knots to be untied, a hairless cat does not have such needs.

However, they require to be bathed regularly to prevent the accumulation of body oils and serum. Not taking good care of their hygiene can lead to skin conditions and various other ailments.

Some of the differences between Sphynx and Donskoy breeds

Some very subtle differences exist between Sphynx and Donskoy breeds. These include a difference in their body shape and structure. Donskoy cat is taller and has sturdier structure as compared to a Sphynx cat. There are also differences in their face structure. A sphynx has much more well-defined features and a strong bone structure. Their face is usually of the shape of a diamond or a rhomboid. Conversely, Donskoy has a round facial structure.


We hope you found this article informative and interesting. Sphynx cat breed and Donskoy cat breed are similar in many ways; however, they also have certain qualities and physical features that make them completely different. These differences may appear subtle to many people; however, a true cat enthusiast can point out these differences.

People often think that all cats are the same; however, this is not true. Different bloodlines and genetics exist among cats as well, and these different bloodlines differ from each other in personalities and physical characteristics. A true cat enthusiast is always researching more and more fun facts relating to new breeds of cats and how similar or different they are from other breeds.

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