Ten Tips to Care for Your Cat

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Ten Tips to Care for Your Cat

It is very important to take proper care of your cat, and nowadays, more people realize the importance of this. Taking good care of your cat will result in many benefits, such as a healthier gut and softer, silkier fur.

Give your cat the love they deserve by taking care of them in the best way possible. Taking care of a cat is not as difficult as it sounds, so read ahead for some of the best cat tips you will get anywhere.

1. Brushing your cat

Brushing a cat’s hair

One of the best cat tips anyone can give you is to brush your cat daily. Brushing your cat is more important than people realize often, and this helps prevent hairballs that form in the fur. Hairballs are dangerous because if your cat ingests one of them, they can clog up its digestive tract.

Cats often spend a lot of time grooming themselves by licking their fur, so it is common to think that their fur is always clean. However, brushing their fur is an essential step to cleaning it, as it gets rid of tangles and dirt trapped inside. It will also help in blood circulation, ensuring your cats’ health.

2. Healthy food

Another great cat tip is not to feed your cat too much dry food, even if it is organic or natural. Too much dry food has been known to cause obesity in cats and type 2 diabetes.

It is always best for you to feed your cat a balanced diet, and meat should always be the main meal of the day that you feed your cat. This is because cats are not vegetarians; rather, they are carnivores. Dry food contains a very high amount of carbohydrates, which can be detrimental to your cats’ health in large amounts.

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3. Keep your cat hydrated

A pro cat tip is to make sure your cat always stays hydrated. Make sure you pay attention to your cats’ thirst. When your cat is thirsty, it will stick out its’ tongue in a panting motion. Especially if you feed your cat dry food, you must make sure you keep a bowl of water next to the food or anywhere that is easily accessible to your cat. Dry food is only 5% to 10% water on average, which is very little.

4. Litter box

A cat in its litter box

If you have one cat, make sure you have at least two litter boxes around the living space. A good rule of thumb is to keep one litter per cat, plus one extra. So, if you have four cats, you should keep five litters around the house.

If you have sufficient litter boxes around and in good comfortable places the cat can easily access, your cat will be much more happy and comfortable. A good cat tip is to make sure you scoop the litter box often so that your cat does not get any infections.

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5. Choose your vet carefully

Finding a suitable vet for your cat is important

A good cat tip is to make sure you choose a vet your cat is comfortable with. If it is not, it will be very difficult to get your cat treated if it ever gets sick or hurt. If your cat is comfortable with the vet, it will be easier for your vet to give you some good cat tips specific to your cat.

6. Regular check-ups

This is a pro tip for senior cat care. You need to schedule regular check-ups with your cats’ vet, especially if your cat is a senior cat. The vet will tell if there are any health issues your cat is facing that you need to keep an eye on or that it may need treatment for. If you schedule regular enough check-ups, you may be able to catch a disease your cat has at an early stage, and treat it, so your cat can stay healthy and happy.

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7. Safety first

Sometimes you need to take your cat in the car with you, whether for a check-up at the vet, or maybe you are just taking your cat to a friend’s house to show them. Either way, make sure you make safety a priority for your cat.

You must restrain your cat when it is in the car. Otherwise, it will run around the car and get under the seats. This can be very distracting for the driver but also your cat. It may get hurt, so make sure you hold your cat in place or invest in a cat carrier.

8. Spaying and neutering

Female cats are found to be extremely uncomfortable when they are in heat. They can also become pregnant very often or at a very early age, and thus if you spay your cat, it will not be able to get pregnant. This is good because pregnancy or pregnancy at a very early age can be harmful to your cats’ health.

9. Playtime

Kittens are usually playful, don’t forget to spare your time!

Caring for a new kitten can be a little different than caring for an older cat. Kittens are usually very playful, and this is how they bond with their human. Please make sure you play with your kitten a lot, as it helps them stay healthy too because they will be active. Activity will keep your cats’ muscles and bones strong.

10. Scratching poles

A Bengal cat is scratching a pole

Keeping scratching poles around the living space is very important, as cats love to scratch, and it pleases them and keeps their nails in great shape. If you keep these scratching poles around the house, it will discourage your cat from scratching other things around the house, such as furniture and clothes. If your cat does scratch furniture such as the sofas, consider covering the furniture with a piece of cloth or blanket.

Follow these very simple cat tips to make sure your cat is healthy and happy. It is very important to take care of your cat to live to the maximum of its natural life span.

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