Similarities Between a Moggie and a Piebald Cat

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Piebald cat relaxing

Moggie cats are known to be the most common cats in the United Kingdom, and they are also found all over the world. They are not pedigreed and do not have any ancestor’s history, so it may not be easy to pinpoint which breed they are from.

Moggie cats are not a separate breed, but they are a group of different breeds, such as calico cats, which can belong to different breeds but have that name due to specific colors in their fur. This uncertainty in breeds means that you cannot be sure what your cat’s temperament is and what personality it has.

Moggies have been domesticated from the African Wildcat. From there, it migrated anywhere humans went and is thus found in every corner of the world where human civilizations exist.

1- Moggies and Piebald do not belong to a specific breed

As mentioned previously, Moggies are known as domesticated house cats and hence do not belong to any special breed. The same goes for the Piebald cat. A cat is named Piebald when it has two different colors in its coat, black and white. Hence to be a Piebald cat, one does not have to be a part of a specific breed to be called a Piebald, so there is quite some variation in their features.

2- Both cats have the same 2 colors in their fur

Moggie cat walking

Moggies and Piebald cats (sometimes also called tuxedo cats) have the same black and white colors in their fur. They may or may not have the same patterns too. And these two cats can get mistaken by people for one another. So it is crucial to keep in mind that Piebald cats are pedigreed and have a long verified list of ancestors, whereas Moggies do not.

3- Moggies and Piebalds both are mix breed cats

These cats are considered mixed breed because they have two colors in their fur; if they had been purebred, they would have had a single color in their fur only, such as a Persian cat or a Chartreux.

Aside from their fur color, they have different traits that seem to vary from cat to cat, suggesting a mixed breed. If they had been purebred cats, there would have been no differentiation in their traits such as face shape, etc.

4- They are quite healthy cats

Despite their heritage, both Moggies and Piebalds tend to live happy and healthy lives and live up to 20 years. This is quite a lengthy lifespan for cats because 20 human years is the equivalent of 80 cat years since cats tend to age faster psychologically and physically than humans.

Moggies and Piebalds are also less susceptible to getting ill from diseases such as heart problems and kidney failure. They can get minor kidney infections and may become obese if their diets are not appropriately regulated.

5- They have differentiating patterns

As stated previously, Moggie and Piebald cats are not a single breed. They are a grouping of many other breeds, so it would only make sense to say that they have different patterns on their fur. One have spots, others have stripes, some have circles, and some have a mixture of spots and stripes; the possibilities may be endless.

6- Moggies and Piebalds are named after their fur

Black and white cat lying down

Moggies and Piebalds are a part of the few cat groups that are named after their fur patterns. Some other groups are the Calico cats, which are also named after the patterns of their fur. Tabby cats are also named after their fur patterns.

7- Both Piebalds and Moggies are very common cats

This is because the color and patterns on the fur of these cats are very common in many different cat breeds. The gene that codes for the black and white color in the fur of the Piebalds and the Moggies is dominant.

8- Piebalds and Moggies are quite affectionate

Another surprising trait of these cats is that they can be very affectionate towards their owners or other cats. This is surprising because many cat breeds are known to be hostile and do not appreciate any other cats in their territory, but that is not the case with Moggies and Piebalds.

They can be very welcoming to other cats and do not mind if you invade their personal space. They appreciate being showered with love and affection, and with time they will undoubtedly reciprocate those feelings to you.

9- They are excellent hunters

They tend to be very active, and they like to spend their time outdoors when they hunt. Moggies and Piebalds would probably be prowling about and searching for their prey. They may bring you one or two mice as a sign of affection, and you may have to deal with a bird or two from time to time since they are also good climbers and jumpers.

Portrait of white and black cat

Hence, catching fast animals such as small birds is no large task for them. It would be safe to say that Moggies and Piebalds are excellent pets for someone who wants elegance and etiquette in their lives.

They are also very low maintenance due to their usually short coats that do not shed too much throughout the year. So they are the best cat if you are typically busy with other things but feel as if you need a companion to brighten up your day.


Every cat breed has a long lifespan, but a cat’s long life depends on how healthy an environment an owner sets up for their cat. A good level of activity and exercise is essential if you want to ensure your cat’s long life. You must ensure that your cat does not injure itself while outdoors or ingest something that may look like food but isn’t food.

For Moggies and Piebalds, especially a controlled diet with standard-sized portions is crucial too. If they overeat, they may become obese, which creates a whole other level of problems.

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