7 Popular Ways to Minimize Cat Shedding

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7 Popular Ways to Minimize Cat Shedding

If you are a cat owner, cat shedding might be one of the biggest problems that you might face with your feline friend, especially if it belongs to a hairy breed. Cats normally lose hair during summer and spring. However, medical issues like stress, poor diet, allergies, medication, infection, and sunburn can also cause cat shedding. Stress is one of the most common reasons behind cat shedding. So, here’s how to keep your cat from shedding:  

1. Brush your cat regularly

If you are wondering how to reduce cat shedding, this is the best way Just brushing your cat’s fur coat daily can not only remove fleas and ticks from your cat’s fur coat, but this will also remove dead, loose, or dying hair along with extra dander from your cat’s fur coat. This routine will also remove hairballs from your cat’s fur coat and will also make your cat’s skin better. Brushing also improves blood circulation in your cat’s body. If you are a new owner and your cat is not comfortable enough with you to let you comb its fur coat, take it to a professional groomer.

2. Make your cat’s room fur-friendly

If you don’t want to find your cat’s fur on every part of your house, make sure that if your cat is shedding hair, get your dry and brittle carpets removed. If possible, also remove floor mats that have a thick texture, as when your cat will roll over them, your cat’s dead and lose hair will stick on that mat, and trust me, cleaning your mat will become a nightmare. Make your cat’s surrounding fur-friendly and remove objects that’ll stick to its fur and will cause cat shedding.

3. Make sure that your cat is hydrated

When your cat does not hydrate properly, it will develop a lot of health problems. One of such problems is cat shedding. You should always keep a water bowl for your cat so that it keeps hydrating itself, and if your cat hates to drink from a water bowl, you can take it to a freshwater sink and letting it drink from the running water. Keeping your cat hydrating is a great way to reduce cat shedding and it can also improve the overall health and thickness of your cat’s hair. Keeping your cat hydrated will also solve digestive and bladder-related problems in your cat. 

4. Bathe your cat, if possible

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Cats do not like to bathe, and if you manage to bathe your cat regularly, congratulations, you are your cat’s best friend as it is doing something it hates to do on your command. By giving your cat a nice shower with lukewarm water, you can not only remove external parasites like ticks and fleas, through bathing, you can also remove dead, loose, or dying hair along with extra dander from your cat’s fur coat. Also, use a cat shampoo as it is made especially for your cat’s fur coat and can make your cat’s fur softer and silkier.

5. Improve your cat’s diet

One of the reasons why your cat might be shedding hair can be its diet. Cat shedding can be a sign of a poor diet. This can lead to your cat’s fur coat being dry and brittle. When your cat’s fur coat develops that texture, it is likely to shed hair soon. Therefore, it is recommended to bring slight changes to your cat’s diet so that its fur coat remains soft and silky. You have to include food in your cat’s diet that is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Apart from avoiding cat shedding and improving the thickness and silkiness of your cat’s hair, food items that contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in abundance are also great for your cat’s overall health. There are also cat shampoos that have these fatty acids in them.

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6. Trim your cat’s hair

The best way to avoid cat shedding is by getting rid of hair altogether. It is good to trim your cat’s hair every once in a while anyway. However, you should only try trimming your hair if you have done that before and know how to do it properly. If you are a noob when it comes to cut your cat’s hair, it is better to take your cat to a professional pet salon and get its fur coat shampooed and trimmed. Trimming your cat’s hair can help you properly clean your cat’s body and remove external parasites like ticks and fleas. You should always cut your cat’s hair trimmed when it is in a relaxed mood. If you try to give your cat a haircut when it’s not in a mood for that, get ready for scratches and hisses. Also, use a guard on your clippers while trimming your cat’s hair. This is how to stop cat shedding.

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7. Help your cat reduce stress

One of the main reasons behind cat shedding is stress, and many owners experienced that during the lockdown. Cats started to get a lot of stress as they weren’t going outside and staying indoors for many days is not something they like. Also, cats get stressed when they are scared of something. This is why they end up stressing and shed hair off their fur coat. So, if you don’t want your furry friend to stress, try to reduce your cat’s stress by taking it out on a walk often. You should also give it the attention and love it needs so that it feels safe around you. It’s also a sign that you should play with your cat more. You can cheer it up by buying it new toys and planning exciting activities with them as well.

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Cat shedding can be a major headache for owners and for your cat itself, but by these methods, you can curb this problem easily.

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