Can Cats Drink Milk?

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Can Cats Drink Milk?

One of the most frequent questions asked by veterans or people who just adopted a cat is, can cats have milk. While this might seem like a regular routine to provide your cat with milk once in a while, experts have shown that this could cause potential damage to your cat’s well-being.

Now you might be thinking, what is so special inside regular market-bought milk unsafe for cats? The answer to your question is that milk contains a chemical called lactose which is digested with the help of enzyme lactase. This enzyme is not in large amounts in most cats, causing cats to have stomach problems or even vomiting, hence answering the question of is milk bad for cats.

A great responsibility falls upon your shoulder when it comes to adopting a pet such as a cat. You have to ensure that the cat is provided with everything necessary to grow appropriately. In this article, we’ll be talking about is milk good for cats.

Lactose intolerant, and what is it?

When it comes to can cats drink milk, the store-bought packets are specifically made for human consumption. They are rich in particular chemicals and high in fats that some cats can simply not digest because they lack these power agent enzymes in their body. So to simply answer your question, is milk suitable for cats? It’s partly not due to lactose intolerance that develops in cats who drink milk due to milk consumption.

When milk is put in front of cats, they might be tempted to drink due to its creaminess and rich taste. However, you should keep in mind that some companies may manufacture milk that contains unfamiliar chemicals that could cause more harm than benefits to your cat, such as constipation, severe diarrhea, or even vomiting.

Milk does not fulfill cats nutritional diet

Is milk bad for cats? For some cats, milk is quite harmful as although it is tasty and fulfilling, it does not tick off all the nutrients a cat needs to be healthy. For humans, milk can be extremely beneficial, but when it comes to the health of cats and whether cats can drink milk, they require more protein than fats so that they can grow, and unfortunately, milk contains a high proportion of fats than proteins.

If cats gain the habit of drinking milk frequently, they might start neglecting their actual food with proper nutrients, which can cause additional fat to store up in your cat’s body, which is far more problematic than you may think.

A little girl is drinking milk with her lovely cat

What if my cat loves milk?

If you were unaware of milk’s effects on cats, it might be challenging for you to remove this habit that your cat has developed. Over time you may notice that your cat prefers to drink milk more than nibble on its actual food, which could cause digestion issues and even severe vomiting. If you have noticed this habit in your cat, you could gradually decrease the proportion of milk and substitute it with cat treats.

Alternative of milk

By now, I am sure you know the answers to can cats drink milk, but what if your cat is stubborn to quitting its habit of drinking milk. One great alternative that you could try is to add the milk in your cat’s treats and decrease the amounts slowly and increase its water intake.

Instead of ensuring can cats drink milk, you should give water so that your cat is well hydrated and does not ask for milk. Besides that, you could also buy milk specially designed for your cats. Yes, you heard it correctly. You could easily purchase cat milk with lower quantities of chemicals such as lactose and preservatives, which are harmful to your cat. You can also think less about whether milk is bad for cats.

Visit your local vet

Besides reading “can cats drink milk” article, it is advisable that you visit your local vet to confirm with them is milk good for cats or if they are lactose intolerant to milk or not. You might be surprised, but some cats might not have serious side effects to milk, and hence the vet can say yes if you ask them is milk good for cats.

After you visit your vet and are provided with the answer to your “can cats drink milk” question, you will better understand your cat’s nutritional requirements and health.

A cat is using a water dispenser

Is water better than milk for cats than can cats have milk?

When you ask anyone if cats can have milk, they would most likely suggest you give them water instead. It is the primary source of liquid intake that cats need to not only maintain internal body temperature and digest food easily but also to regulate and lubricate the waste area so that your cat doesn’t suffer from severe diarrhea.

While it may be tempting to give your cat milk once in a while on good behavior, you should remind yourself if cats drink milk and its consequences on the cat’s health.

Is homemade cat milk safe?

If you are concerned about whether a cat can drink milk and come with the idea of making homemade milk, you should keep in mind what ingredients you are using and its side effects on your cats’ health. Try researching properly all the chemicals or substances your cat can consume before giving them anything, as well as answers to can cats drink milk.

Instead of giving cat milk, you could provide them low-fat yogurt as it is entirely safe, delicious, and can be given as a treat. Mixing yogurt with equal parts of water will make a milk-like consistency liquid and keep your cats satisfied for the entire day. It will no longer require milk.


So to conclude, it can be said that milk is harmful to most cats due to being highly lactose intolerant. However, it is better to clarify whether your cats can drink milk with your vet. It will ensure no harmful consequences for your cat’s health, such as vomiting, sickness, tummy ache, or other serious conditions.