Why Is My Cat Hiding; Is It a Red Flag for the Owner?

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Why is My Cat Hiding?

The cat hiding from the owner is a red flag in its self which is very it is a serious concern and should be looked into depth so you can find out the root of the cause.

Cats are known to be friendly only when they get a good vibe from you, and if they start hating you, you have a little hope that they might accept you or be nice to you. Several ways could tell us why your cat hiding is a red flag in this regard.

Is Hiding A Red Flag?

The cat hiding into corners or any space they get is a grave concern that will highlight the issues that your cat’s issues. A cat hiding can mean many things, and it could affect your cat deeply, so you need to look at it without further ado. The cat hiding signifies that the cat might be under some stress.

It could be experiencing anxiety for some reason. It could be pregnant with a child, and you won’t even know it. It could be ill and experiencing much pain, but it won’t convey that to you. It could also mean that your cat does not like you or is put off for some reason. There are a lot of other related problems for cat hiding that emphasize the fact that cat hiding is a red flag.

Cat hiding behind a curtain
Cat hiding behind a curtain

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are two of the leading causes of mental health problems in both humans and animals. When a cat feels cornered, they experience anxiety and stress, which go hand in hand. Sometimes, the cat is disturbed by something or someone but cannot get the message across to the owner; they find it better to hide instead.

You see a cat hiding under the bed, you might think of it as quite normal, but it is indeed a red flag. Cats are sensitive animals who need affection and love. The slightest things could shake them up, such as a child chasing them around the house to pick them up; they won’t like that.


Your cat might be pregnant, and you might be living in oblivion, which is quite normal since it is not very visible in the early time. When your cat is about to give birth, it starts looking for cat hiding places that are cozy and warm. You will see a hidden litter box under the bed or in a less obvious corner of the house where your cat will be comfortable in littering.

You could see a hidden cat litter box in another spot because it is where the cat mom deems accurate. The cat will find ways to deliver the babies privately, so they will look for places where people can not find them easily.


When your cat is sick, one of the most typical problems could be that it has fallen sick. When it comes to the point where it can no longer bear the pain, your cat will find new cozy spots where it can hide and get away from the spotlight. Normally a cat is always in a playful mood, running around the house, wanting cuddles, resting on the laps, hiding their toys, and having a good time. So when you see a cat hiding as they have never done before, it is usually a red flag.

Tabby cat hiding under a blanket
Tabby cat hiding under a blanket

Cat hiding can make a strong point on why cats do not like to indulge in play anymore. It could mean that the cat is suffering from a serious illness, stomachache, or a bad cold as well. It is suggested that when you observe this pattern in cats, you should take your pet straight to the vet to get them checked so they can go back to their real self.

Does Your Cat Hate You?

One of the reasons cat hiding is that your cat might not be a fan of spending time with you. It could be due to many reasons that you two never clicked, and it is hesitant to indulge with you because you come off as scary and much more. If your cat is not your biggest fan, there are hints that it can drop to convey that message.

Your cat could start scratching you or biting you whenever you try to pick it up or touch it. It could walk away from where you are standing, indicating that your cat is not in the mood to talk to you. Apart from cat hiding, the cat might start hissing on you, which is a final coffin in the nail. If your cat is friendly to everyone but you, it is also an addition that your cat does not like you.

Tabby cat hiding inside cardboard box
Tabby cat hiding inside cardboard box

Solutions for Resolving The Issue

There are a lot of solutions that could be figured out to resolve this issue. You could start with trying to leave the cat alone so they don’t get suffocated. You could start carrying treats with you, so you can treat them whenever they do something remarkable. A reward would be waiting for them, which was motivation enough.

And try not to crowd the cat and chase it around the house so they can breathe in peace.


All in all, I hope to have answered all your queries regarding how cat hiding is a red flag and needs proper time and attention because it does take a lot of effort to make your cat feel loved.

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