Reasons Why a Cat Likes To Sleep With Its Owner

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Reasons Why a Cat Likes To Sleep With Its Owner

Suppose there is one thing that cats love to do, it’s sleeping. Cats sleep just about anywhere, as long as the place is comfy, cozy, and warm. They often rotate in their sleep, but not enough to disturb their owner. They are the perfect cuddle buddies!

How long do cats sleep?

Many people wonder how much do cats sleep because during the daytime; you can usually see them lying around the house, resting or napping. Cats can sleep anywhere from 12 hours a day to 16 hours, and some cats can even sleep for up to a whopping 20 hours a day!

How much do kittens sleep?

Kittens sleep for even longer on average than cats sleep. A newborn kitten sleeps for about 90% of the time, which amounts to about 22 hours a day. As kittens grow up, they tend to sleep less. But that just means they sleep 20 hours a day, which is still a lot!

When do kittens open their eyes?

Kittens may look like they are asleep all the time when they are first born because they take a while to open their eyes. After they turn one week, they may start to open their eyes. However, this could take up to 3 weeks. By then, your kitten’s eyes should be fully open, their ears should be standing erect, and their teeth should start growing out of their gums. You may also notice your kitten starts to walk at this age and may even walk a little shaky.

Nocturnal animals

Cats sleep during the day mostly. Cats are nocturnal animals, which means they are awake during the night and sleep during the day, usually the time between dusk to dawn. So, cats will be fast asleep when the entire world is up and about, working, playing, studying, and running around doing things.

As soon as you come home, unwind after a long day of work, eat dinner and get ready for bed, you might notice that your cat is just getting up from a long day of rest and starts getting ready for the night.

Cats may also stay awake during the daytime but are most active when night comes around. After breakfast, they usually fall asleep or start unwinding after a night of jumping around and playing.

Why do cats like to sleep with their owner?

Cats sleep only in places they are comfortable in, and they can be very picky about the place they choose to sleep. This is because when a cat is asleep, it is vulnerable to any attacks by other animals. It can easily get hurt because it won’t have enough time to exercise its’ reflexes and move out of harms’ way.

Cats sleep next to trusted people only. This is why when a cat trusts their owner; it will sleep next to them. It can be a source of comfort for your cat, and your cat will feel protected and safely next to you.

Sleeping next to their owners will also keep them warm. When a cat sleeps, its body temperature drops, just like how it does in humans. Thus, the owner can provide its’ body heat to keep the cat warm, so the cat sleeps peacefully and warmly.


When you think of ‘cat,’ you may also think of ‘independence.’ This is true, as cats are very independent most of the time. However, that does not mean that they do not get lonely. Cats do get lonely at times, and being next to their owner is the equivalent of spending time with them or hanging out with them, and it offers companionship to the cat. If your cat sleeps with you, they trust you and like spending time with you.


Your cat may be trying to show you affection by sleeping with you, especially if they come and rest on your lap. They may find the way you stroke them very soothing and relaxing, thus a great environment to sleep in.

Even if they do not sleep on your lap, rather beside you, they may still be trying to show you affection and closeness. Cats sleep next to people they love and people they want to show that love to.

You should cherish the moments when your cat decides to sleep next to you because it probably won’t last long! Of course, this will not be through any fault of your own, rather just because cats like to switch up their sleeping routine and space very often!

Cat beds

Your cat will probably be very happy sleeping next to you in your bed. However, if you don’t want that for any reason, such as cat allergies if they get too close, or you just like your personal space, get your cat a cat bed so they can sleep in peace and very comfortably. There are various cat beds available for your cat to sleep in, and you may choose any depending on your cat’s breed, size, and preferences.

Always ready

When cats sleep, they usually are not in a deep sleep. Your cat may doze off for a while, probably somewhere between 15 minutes to 30 minutes, and position its body in a way that it may jump into action in just a moment’s notice if the need arises. This is part of their fight or flight reflexes. Cats have very strong reflexes, and they can sense danger even while sleeping, usually when they are in light sleep.

Weather effect

Cats sleep more in certain environments. You may notice that on cold, rainy days, your cat seems to sleep more. This is because cats are greatly affected by the weather, and how much they are affected by the weather depends on their size, breed, and health.

Cats sleep a lot, up to 20 hours a day. Kittens can sleep up to 22 hours a day, which is 90% of their time. However, cats sleep most of the time; they doze, which means they are lightly sleeping and ready to spring into action whenever the need arises!

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