How Do Cats Say Sorry?

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How Do Cats Say Sorry?

If you are a cat owner, you probably have wondered if cats have feelings. You might have doubts whether cats recognize good from the bad. Can cats communicate with humans and even say sorry? Well, you have come to the right page as all your questions and doubts will be answered.

When it comes to cats, they have a mind of their own and perform activities based on their likings and strengths. Like humans, cats have different personalities and moods upon which they act and communicate with you. Let’s look at how cats say sorry to you.

Do Cats Have the Sense to Apologize?

Most cats cannot pick up on changes in your mood and personality. Most of the time, when cats come to you scratching on your thigh or walking around your legs in a loop, it’s because they sense your emotions, and for them, it is a way to communicate.

Although cats cannot feel guilty as it is a complex human emotion, they do, however, understand your attitude towards them, which makes them act accordingly.

Multiple types of research have been done regarding cats’ behavior and how they act in different environments. As a result, experts say that cats are more intelligent than you may think.

Cat lying on a carpet

Cat Scratching

Suppose you have been out of the house for a while and come back to see it is in scramble due to your pet cat. In that case, it will not be able to correlate the emotions you are feeling, but instead, it will try to scratch or meow at you softly to let you know the cat saying sorry.

This is a common cat personality trait, regardless of how moody or clingy they are. Besides that, some might tend to scratch certain objects and materials around the house, such as sofas, cardboards, wood furniture, etc.

They do this not to cause you harm or make you feel angry; but because they are simply trying to sharpen their claws and release pent-up aggression.


When you shout or run after your cat in an angry tone and body posture, your cat will be able to pick up that emotion. And its first instinct would be to run away to protect itself from harm.

Your cat may hide or go to those nooks and crannies where it knows to be safe, away from human danger. However, as time passes, your cat will come back to you in an “apologizing” behavior.

It might come close to you and start sniffing and purring around you, letting you know that it feels safe with you. This can be interpreted as cats saying sorry to you.

Cat lying on grass with open mouth

How Do Cats Show Affection?

Depending on the cat breed, type, and personality, as well as the type of household they grew up in, your cat saying sorry might be different from other feral cats. If your cat is an extrovert and loves to play with you, you will notice that your cat will purr, meow softly, and blink its eyes as a way to apologize.

Some cats even try to lick you as a form of grooming, or they might come close to your face to smell their scent near areas such as the chin, neck, hands, or chest to make you understand that your cat is saying sorry.

If you have a cat who loves to be grumpy after you scold them, then try giving them their favorite treats and observe how their attitude changes towards you. Some might start purring, while some may come to sit in your lap and sleep to show the cat is saying sorry.

Should My Cat Apologize to Me?

Contrary to the belief that cats are selfish and will not show affection to you, cats are, in fact, quite the opposite. Once you show affection and care towards them, they will quickly turn down their predator instinct and communicate with you to the best of their ability.

Although cats cannot feel guilty when they have done something that you do not like, cats do have the slightest sense to come to you and show that they appreciate your love and affection towards them.

Kitten sitting on its owner's lap

Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

If your cat keeps making the same wrong habits over and over again, such as peeing or passing stool outside the litter-box and constantly meowing at night to wake you up, it might not be intentional.

If your cat purrs to you, meows or hops around your legs, or licks you after performing bad habits, it might be trying to tell you that it is in pain or is annoyed by something.

Although cats are saying sorry by being close to you, they could also be trying to tell you that they do not like the litter box as it’s dirty or they are suffering from internal pain.

Cats Saying Sorry Behavior

Besides the common things cats do, such as purring or licking, cats do certain things as a form of cats saying sorry. For instance, after a heated argument with your cat, it might come around you and sleep near your legs, smell the food while eating, or try to sit in your laps.

All these habits are a way of seeking attention and letting you know that they are saying sorry to you. Hence, it is better to understand and learn your cat’s behavior so that you know what to do when a bad habit reoccurs.


Cats are not difficult animals to keep in households. The better you understand the changes in their attitude and behavior, the better you know when cats say sorry to you.

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