DIY Costumes for Your Cat This Halloween

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DIY Costumes for Your Cat This Halloween

Each cat has its own nature and likes and dislikes. Some cats may don’t like to wear typical Halloween costumes and some are really comfortable wearing any of the costumes – it all depends on the nature and the moods of your cats.

If your cat doesn’t like wearing typical DIY cat Halloween costumes and it makes them uncomfortable then don’t even force them to wear it as it leads to making them more stressed and irritated which is not any good for you.

However, there can be plenty of effective costume ideas that will not only be comfortable for your cat but will look outstanding certainly. So have a camera ready to capture the beautiful memories with your other version.

Below are a few enticing costume ideas for cats, that you can consider this Halloween.

1. Avo-Cato

Really considering your cat as a clever kitty? Then going with this “avo-Cato” costume made of poster board and green crayons, non-toxic paint, and markers would be the obvious and ideal choice you must consider. Stick your cat’s head through the center and just capture the moment.

2. Pikachu Cat

Pikachu cat… like this one, huh?

Already impressed with the Pokémon appearance? What about making your kitty look like Pikachu this Halloween? Amazing, right? Try this effortlessly adaptable costume now and have your own Pokémon at your home now.

3. Jon Snow Cat

Well, Jon Snow or Cat Snow?

Ominous, hairy, moody, and mysterious are all the adjectives used for both Jon Snow appeared in “Game of Thrones” and many cats. So what about making them combined? Or simply combined the two? If you are sure about your cat having a moody and brooding outlook on life, consider outfitting them in just a modest felt cape with an attached faux fur collar to make them appeared like Jon Snow of the “Game of Thrones” this Halloween.

4. Doctor Cat

Have you ever wonder about having your own doctor at your home or taking a doctor out this Halloween? Well, if you never think about it do consider it now. What if you costume your loved pet – cat a doctor this Halloween? You can simply make your own version of a Halloween doctor costume utilizing some affordable or cheap fabric with simple stitches and other relevant stuff that would look cool on your cat. Dressed your cat up like a doctor this Halloween and enjoying having your own doctor cat.

5. Cat Bandana

In case if you are not in the mood to put in all efforts and hard works into making a typical costume for your pet but want to make your cat look a little festive this Halloween, then the stylish bandana would be the perfect and obvious choice for your cat that will make it look adorable and appealing. It also fits in with the Halloween traditional color scheme perfectly giving your pet a perfect and elegant look.

6. Lion Cat

What about letting your cat get back to its roots by outfitting it as a fierce lion this Halloween. You can go with pre-made options as well as opt to design a lion’s mane with some faux fur trim easily. Making a DIY Lion costume to dress up your cat this Halloween is incredibly an amazing and vivid idea. Also, it is only a headpiece thus your cat will enjoy wearing it and will be comfortable rather than wearing a full ensemble.

7. Princess Leia Cat

Did you ever think of making your cat, Princess Leia? Bring out your cat’s genuine happiness and make it content with its outfit. But what do you need to do so? Don’t worry as it doesn’t involve a tricky and complex process to make it happen. Just go with an old T-shirt and outfit your cat as the most elegant princess in the world this Halloween. Your cat would love to have appeared as the princess of all.

8. Harry Potter Cat

You don’t need any extra-ordinarily skills to make your kitten appeared as a Harry Potter Cat. All you required is an old baby sweater, a pipe cleaner that should be shaped into a lightning bolt, some felt for the tie and collar and a wire bent into glasses – thus here you can go with this impressive look of your cat this Halloween.

9. Wizard Hat

Just imagine making your cat a little bit of a magical sorcerer. Sounds outstanding, right? Do it now simply by getting a pre-made wizard hat for your Halloween friend. Plop the wizard hat on your cat and boom you are with a little magical sorcerer now this Halloween.

10. Bat Cat

What about dressing your cat in a bat costume this Halloween? An incredibly amazing idea to go with, right? It gets more adorable to make your cat appear like a bat this Halloween. For this, you don’t need to put in so much effort and hard work. You can simply cut bat wings out of black construction paper or buy a pre-made one – you can go with whatever suits you best. Just simply attach your DIY bat wings to your cat’s collar using a black pipe cleaner and go with this engaging look this Halloween.

Final Verdict!

Every cat has its own mood, nature, and personality. Some cats may not feel well when it comes to homemade costumes for cats, whereas some may be comfortable in any outfit depending upon the style and design. Note that you should not force your cat or make them wear any outfit forcefully as it might make them stressed and annoying, rather try some sort of DIY Halloween costumes that are easy to wear and carry for animals most significantly your cats.

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