Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Your Feline Friend

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Halloween costumes for cats

Halloween is just a few days away, and if you are making party reservations for yourself, you should also count your cat in, as it will be stealing your spotlight this Halloween. While you are looking for funky and spooky costumes for yourself, you should also start shopping for your furry friend as well. If you want to buy Halloween costumes for your cat or any other pet, chewy is the best online shop for you. Chewy has a massive collection of Halloween costumes for your cats and dogs. All the costumes are available in various sizes, therefore, you don’t have to worry about how our costumes will fit your cat. Here are 10 of the best Halloween outfits for cats on Chewy:

1. Ghost Fair Isle Sweater

Here is a simple Halloween-themed sweater for your cat. This small and cozy sweater features the beautiful colors of Halloween with funny ghost patterns. There is also an attractive fair isle pattern in the sweater that increases the sweater’s coolness.

2. Headless Rider Costume

Want your cat to look a little spooky this Halloween? How about you ride a headless rider on the back of your cat? This costume is one of the spookiest and most frightening Halloween costumes out there. On the back, you can find a headless rider with a pumpkin head on his head. With hoop and loop fasteners on the neck and a lower belly strap, this costume will look perfect on your cat and will fit it quite well. Also, this costume comes in 6 sizes, so no matter how large or small your cat is, you can give it this spooky and funky look this Halloween.

3. Sea Turtle Costume

Another Halloween costume that will make your cat look adorable is this Sea Turtle Costume. This is a two-piece cat Halloween costume that contains a soft turtle shell that your cat will wear at the back, and a separate headpiece. The turtle shell has a nice shell pattern on it that makes it look quite realistic. Thanks to the hoop and loop fasteners, you can fit this softshell perfectly on your cat’s back. The separate headpiece also makes your cat look super cute and from the back, your cat will certainly look like a sea turtle.

4. Cowboy Costume

There is a new cowboy in the village, and it’s none other than your furry buddy. Transform your cat into a cute buckaroo by making it wear this super adorable cowboy costume. This costume comes with an adjustable cowboy hat with ear loops, a chin strap, and a toggle to make sure that your cat fits perfectly in the costume throughout the party. This costume also doesn’t get in the way of your cat’s leash. So if you are going to a rodeo theme Halloween party, you should go for this costume.

5. Hotdog Costume

If you are having a food-themed Halloween party, you can try this Hotdog costume for your cat. Apart from making your cat look cute, this costume might even make it look delicious. This is a one-piece costume and you can wear it on your cat’s body using the belly and neck straps. Don’t worry, these straps won’t interfere with your cat’s leash. This costume has all the sesame seeds and details that make this costume look realistic and funny.

6. Teddy Bear Costume

Stuffed teddy bears are cute, but when your furry friend gets into a teddy bear costume, there is nothing cuter than that. This teddy bear costume will make your cat look like a walking teddy bear, and it will look so cute, you won’t be able to bear it. With your cat wearing this costume, your cat cuddles will become bear hugs and your cat will be the star of the party. Your cat will look so good in this that it’ll end up having more pictures than you.

7. Chambray Halloween Costume

This cute Chambray costume with a Halloween-themed skirt is one of the cutest cat Halloween costumes on this list. With your cat wearing this costume, we doubt that there will be a pet in the house that’ll look more adorable than your cat. This costume is perfect for your cat, whether it’s going to a party, photoshoot, or a trick or treat drive. This dress is quite comfortable and wearing it on your cat is quite easy as well. Apart from the hoop and loop fastener, the elastic waist of this costume enhances comfort. This costume also contains faux buttons, a Halloween-patterned skirt, and orange tulle underneath.

8. Flamingo Costume

Cats look even cuter than they already are when they dress up as other animals. If you have a white or a light-colored cat, then this flamingo costume will look amazing on it. His two-piece costume comes with a separate headpiece and a flamingo body coat. The fabric is soft, furry, and very comfortable, so your cat won’t feel itchy while wearing it for many hours.

9. Country Singer Costume

Here is another rodeo-themed costume for your cat. This time, your cat can be a country singer. This costume has a front walking body with easy-to-use fasteners. The elastic is soft and comfortable as well. When your cat will wear this, it’ll look like the honky-tonk man or the honky-tonk cat.

10. Donut and Coffee Costume

This is probably the best food-themed cat costume out there. Not only your cat will look extremely cute and delicious, but your cat will also be the star of the party. This costume has a separate headpiece with a coffee glass. However, your drunk friends might try to pick it up. Other than that, the body has a big pink donut with sprinkles on it. 

Halloweens are fun, but with your cat, wearing a funky costume, your Halloween can be a lot more entertaining. However, don’t mind if your cat takes all the spotlight after wearing these super adorable costumes.

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