Cat Cafes Are Real and Here Are Our Top Picks!

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Cat Cafe - Our Top Picks

Whether you live in the USA or any other part of the world, “how many cat cafes are in the US” or “how many cat cafes are in the UK and globally” are the most commonly asked questions. Visiting cat cafes with your furry friend is not a big deal now since you have numerous options to go for – and obviously, cat cafes are a thing, and we are loving it!

What Exactly Is A Cat Café?

If you are a cat lover, then “cat café” is not unusual for you. Cat cafes are a sort of business that offer people – especially cat lovers to relax and have some fun time with felines. You can visit the cafes all alone, with family or friends, or maybe with your kitten (to let it meet with other kitties out there and form a connection), not a bad idea, though!

In cafes, sometimes food and drinks are involved, sometimes not. However, one thing is for sure, that, either way, one thing would be all certain – you will be chilling with beautiful cats out there. Cat cafes are an obvious dream for any cat lover.

What To Keep In Consideration While Visiting The Cat Cafes?

Cat cafes undoubtedly are springing globally, most significantly in the USA, UK, and Europe. If you live in such regions, you may find one in the near corner. However, you may have to consider a few of very essential elements before actually visiting the café so that your visit can be successful without any obstacles and you enjoy your evening with lovely kitties out there.

  • Reservations – based on the café’s fame and popularity, you may get the reservation done first. In most cases, you may get in touch with their customer support via call or maybe done online. Even if a cat café welcomes walk-ins, we suggest you reserve a time slot for yourself to avoid being turned away.
  • Cost – costs for any food or drinks in the cat cafes vary from café to café. However, you’ll need to pay a certain amount of money to get some food or drinks.
  • Rules – there will be specific rules and regulations to protect the cats or kittens in the café, which you adhere to. Such regulations may include resisting the urge to wake a sleeping kitty or refraining from chasing the felines. Most of the policies and guidelines are available on their websites so that everyone willing to visit the café can read and acknowledge them.

Give Purrs A Chance

Give Purrs A Chance

51 Independence Street, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA

Cat cafes are not only the sort of cafes for both cat and cat lovers but are on a mission to raise awareness about cat welfare and wellbeing issues. “Give Purrs A Chance” is one of the non-profit cat adoption centers established in May 2017. Surprisingly, the café has successfully adopted out more than 400 cats – including kittens and older cats, into homes in less than a year.

The café is located in West Virginia, a big two-story Victorian house, making it the largest cat café globally. Hence, this is the most “visited” café that cat owners love to visit with their furry buddies to have some coffee. What about you?

Crumbs and Whiskers

Crumbs & Whiskers

7924 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California, USA

Go to Crumbs & Whiskers – located in Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California, and have a cup of coffee. One of the best cat cafes in the US to visit with your lovely kitty. The café is decorated well. Also, the café is by appointment only; hence, cat owners and coffee lovers can choose from a 65-minute to 20-minute good experience.

What makes it more interesting? The fact that you can keep your eyes peeled for prominent celebrities since folks such as Jennifer Garner and Drew Barrymore have stopped on by!

CatCafe Lounge

CatCafe Lounge

1736 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, California, USA

Are you on a trip to the US and struggling to find out the best cat cafes in the US? Don’t struggle anymore since we have got you covered! CatCafe Lounge is one of the most visited and popular cat cafes in the US. The most exciting factor about it is that it is not merely a café, but it aimed to prevent the euthanasia of shelter felines by helping them have a forever home and live peacefully – considered as the only non-profit cat café in LA.

In addition, they also take kittens to the shelter home and look after them with utmost care and love. Visit the café and grab some coffee with your kitten. Also, you have an amazing opportunity to hang out with over 40 adoptable kittens who are looking for some affection and love from humans.

Additionally, suppose you want to go with your friends or family and have some sort of little bit party. In that case, fortunately, they offer you a party package so you can easily reserve the table with your friends or family and get the fur-buddies all to yourself.

Summer Lodge Hotel

Summer Lodge Hotel

9 Fore Street, Evershot, Dorset, UK

Love your little kitty insanely and cannot bear to be separated from it? No worries! The Summer Lodge Hotel – Dorset, is a place you can consider since it welcomes pets like cats and dogs as treasured guests; additionally, with a dedicated cat concierge. The cat hotel has a traditional yet classic décor. An appealing cat café set in glorious gardens has enticing cozy rooms beautifully equipped with cat food and a water station – cat treats and beds.

The three-rosette pet cafe facilitates cats and pet lovers with great dining, a spa, and a spectacular cellar. Also, you would be astonished to know that it also offers yoga and a pool as well – ideal for a spot of cat-free pampering, what do you say?

Hello Kitty Secret Garden

Hello Kitty Secret Garden

Drusillas Park, Alfriston Road, East Sussex, UK

An ideal choice for all young and old cat lovers, Drusillas Park, features Europe’s first Hello Kitty café garden, located in East Sussex – with a Hello Kitty House and three fine rides. The zoo is considered the finest and loving place that cat owners love to visit. Also, if you didn’t take your kitten outside for a long period now, then this would be the exceptional place that both you and your kitty would love to visit. Have some coffee and a good time out there!

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

152-154 Bethnal Green Road, London, UK

The Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is roamed by a seize of admirable rescue felines. These cats live in the exceptionally beautiful emporium, decorated with enticing tree-like installation and wall-to-wall bridges. Cat owners are likely to visit the hotel because of the additional benefit. The hotel has a couple of sofas for them to sit, rest and chill with their kittens.

However, note that visits usually are pre-booked, mostly in 80 to the 90-minute slot, with delicious cake and classic tea or delightful coffee on offer. Also, suppose you want to go for alcoholic drinks and sandwiches. In that case, this is also an option, as the hotel provides both the menus for cat owners. Note that children must be above 14 are likely to visit the hotel with their pets. Spend an evening at Boundary London, at this Cat Emporium with a fantastic roof terrace.

Cafe Neko

Café Neko

Blumenstockgasse 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Owned by Japanese Takako Ishimitsu, Europe’s first cat café named “Neko” – located at Vienna’s city center was established in 2012. It took good 4 years of negotiation with the concerned government bodies before the café was allowed to open. You would be happy to know that the Café Neko, unlike other cafes, where you have to pay per hour to stay, is simply a regular coffee shop where you can buy whatever you like from menu – in menu felines are also introduced (yeah, pretty amazing).

Additionally, the menu has specific guidelines and a list of dos and don’ts that primarily concern respecting and valuing cats’ space. The five beautiful felines named Momo, Thomas, Luca, Moritz, and Sonja move and walk freely here and there and all around as guests have their food and drinks, or especially having their tea or coffee.

Also, you don’t have to bring cats’ food with you; instead, you can purchase cat treats and foods from the server and feed cats with them. And for you, they offer a variety of hot drinks, including cappuccino, genmachai, matcha latte, and cold beverages such as grape juices, orange juice, aloe vera juice, and Japanese cold tea to make your day. In addition, you can have inarizushi and riceballs, dessert, cakes, and ice cream as well (what else do you need?)

Minsk Cat Museum

Cat Museum

Internacyjanalnaja 23, Minsk, Belarus

You may think of each cat café to visit globally. Still, when thinking particularly of Belarus, you may not instantly think about cat cafes. The café is decorated well, giving a classic and traditional look. Children’s art displayed all over the rooms, board games, and a variety of food in the Minsk Cat Museum attract cat owners. To your surprise, the official director of the café is a cat named Jimmy. In addition, all of the cats living in the café are happily employed with their own specific job titles.

One of the not only affordable, rather cheapest cafes worldwide – at only plenty of dollars to enter, the beautifully organized and appealingly decorated Minsk Cat Museum is the ideal place to go for either alone or with your kitty.



Videnska 1026/20, 79 00 Olomouc, Czechia

People visit Olomouc for the very first time and opt to visit many places out there. Still, most of the visitors don’t usually think about visiting a cat café. This baroque town – Olomouc, is so beautiful and charming, also one of the best secret keepers in the Czech Republic. When you visit the city, cat lovers have an ideal opportunity to have a nice cappuccino or drinks while having some sort of fun and playing with furry buddies lingering around them in the CoffeeCat café.

A hidden cat café, just off the old town – on the first floor in a commercial building, worth visiting. The sign is slightly small, and only curious cat lovers have abilities to discover it.

You visit the café and go inside. There will be 15 beautiful felines waiting to welcome and meet you all happily – from furry ginger Garfield to big and healthy fluffy Persians to energetic and playful kittens. No rush there, as you can stay and chill there as much as you want to have a cup of coffee or maybe a soft drink (what do you say?).

Nurri Cat Cafe

Nurri Cat Café

Tartu maantee 24, 10115 Tallinn, Estonia

The Nurri cat café is closed to Airbnb, open every day from 12 am to 7 pm and all year round. The café has both vegetarian food as well as an excellent Italian menu and some seriously delightful coffees. The management of the café takes very good care of all the 8 felines – which were taken to the café from animal shelters. People who visit the café know that all 8 cats have the essential vaccine shots, neutered, and tracking chips. Also, cats out there look very healthy, well-fed, and clean.

In addition, the café has a very big playground for cats, with several trees to climb and numerous toys to play with. You will visit the cafe and find out that all cats are pretty active and always in a mood to play. Also, cats are way familiar with humans and always get excited. Must visit this Nurri cat café and have some fun evenings.

Final Words

Cat cafes are the obvious choice for cat lovers. Also, cat cafes are considered ideal spots to visit for people who love cats but are pretty busy in their lives and jobs, having no sufficient time to actually get a cat at home. You will get all fun, entertainment, and peace by visiting the café and playing with beautiful kitties while having a cup of coffee.

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