Why Do Cats Loaf? Some Theories about This Legs-Tucked-Under Position

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Why Do Cats Loaf? Some Theories about This Legs-Tucked-Under Position

Cat parents find themselves noting every little feature and characteristic of their pets. It is hard to miss seeing their cats loaf. Cat loafing is a name given to the position taken when they tuck their feet and tail beneath them.

The appearance makes them look like a loaf of bread. Humans often find this position soothing and relaxing to look at. However, it makes one wonder why cats loaf. We are putting down some theories to help us understand more about this unique and distinctive position.

1. They feel safe and comfortable

When you see a cat sitting peacefully with its feet and tail tucked beneath them, what comes to your mind? It looks comforting, right? We often see cats loafing when they feel absolutely comfortable in their surroundings.

Cats are clever creatures and are quick to sense danger, any alarming signals, or red flags in their environment. Hence when they are completely at ease and feel secure, they choose to sit in the loaf position.

A cat’s way of giving a compliment

Well, just because they cannot speak does not mean they cannot be expressive. Cats use their gestures, habits, mannerism, and behavior to communicate their likes, dislikes, and preferences. Among numerous other ways of expressing that they are pleased with a human, cat loafing is one of them.

If a cat assumes this position in front of you, it is serving you a compliment. It could simply mean that it enjoys that person’s company and does not mind having them around. New cat parents often find this as an accomplishment, as their efforts of making their cat feel at home and safe have finally paid off.

They just enjoyed a delicious meal!

Even if one has had a brief interaction with cats, one would know how much these furry balls enjoy their food. While stray cats eat anything that fills their stomach, pet cats tend to develop certain preferences. Cat foods come in so many different flavors and textures now, and pet owners know what their cats like or dislike.

These choices keep on changing. Cat treats can instantly put them in a good mood. After enjoying a good, big meal, you may find your cat resting in a cat loaf position with full stomachs and a content mood.

2. To unwind and recover from a bad mood

Cats can sometimes have a bad day, which throws them off and puts them in a grumpy mood. It may be a fight with the stray dog or the neighbor’s cat, not getting their feed on time, or being unsuccessful in their hunting expedition.

Regardless of the reason, it is nothing to worry about; they will get over their bad mood and be playful and friendly again. However, meanwhile, you may them assuming a cat’s loaf position. You may be wondering what is so special about this position. Let us break it down for you. It allows them to be comfortable, which helps them to blow off some steam. Simultaneously, it also allows them to be in control as well.

3. They want to take a quick nap!

How convenient is the cat’s loaf position for taking a quick nap while staying vigilant at the same time? You will see your cat snoozing off in this position while it is in an unknown or outside environment when it does not want to keep its guard down. Cats close their eyes and take a quick nap to feel refreshed but are alert enough to pick any sign of danger or alarm around them.

They want to keep themselves warm

It is a well-known fact that a cat’s body temperature is higher than that of the human body. Naturally, because of that, it is important for them to conserve energy in order to keep themselves warm. The cat loafing position is ideal for this.

On a cold winter day, you may find your pet snuggled like a bread loaf with their feet and tail tucked beneath them. Cats’ feet are quick to get cold. Cats often like to lounge in air-conditioned rooms but may end up feeling cold. Hence cats want to keep their feet warm, and this position provides them a perfect way to do so.

4. They might be sick

We can draw the analogy of cat behavior with that of human behavior. What do we do when we are feeling unwell and are down with a cold. It is a natural instinct to snuggle inside our bed, wrapped up in a blanket, being as comfortable as possible.  The same applies to cats. Your cat may choose this position to be as comfortable as possible on a day it is feeling unwell. Cats loaf to protect their body’s internal organs, and it also helps them in getting pain relief.

For many cat parents, it is often hard to find out when their cat is feeling sick or unwell, and detection of their illness is often delayed. Looking out for these signs often helps in knowing if something is wrong and when a visit to the vet is due. Cats also assume this position if they are injured or hurt. This may be due to a high jump or a fight with another animal.

It may be feeling threatened

Usually, cats loaf to express their pleasure and amusement. However, occasionally it may be possible that they are alarmed and choose the big cat bread loaf position if they feel threatened.  This position allows them to be alert and extremely aware of all aspects of their surroundings. Instead of laying on their favorite couch, you will see them loafing, looking around. In such cases, try to look for other signs that might suggest the reason for the cat’s fear and address them. It is important to put them at ease in order to make them feel loved and cared for.

Finding one’s cat loafing is mostly benign. It is considered normal behavior among cats. However, all pet owners must know that loafing can also be a sign of cats’ illness and should look out for any other alarming symptoms that may be present.

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