5 Fascinating Facts About the Abyssinian Cat

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Abyssinian cat

Are you thinking about getting an Abyssinian cat? All cat lovers are aware of this regal-looking breed that is descended from the plains of Africa. While there is no fixed Abyssinian cat price, a purebred can be a little expensive. However, they are great pets to have: full of energy, loving, and extremely friendly.

We have compiled a list of five unique facts regarding Abyssinian cats that are sure to pique your curiosity. These facts relate to their history, nature, and physical characteristics and will tip you in favor of getting an Abyssinian cat yourself.

What is their history?

While Abyssinian may lead you to think that these cats were bred in Africa, that is not strictly correct. A pet cat named Zulu was brought to Britain by an officer in 1860 when he came back from an expedition in Abyssinia. The friendly and docile nature of this cat soon made it a popular pet. It was soon bred with cats with similar appearance and physical features, which led to the official start of the “Abyssinian” breed.

However, the history of the Abyssinian cats has not always been peaceful. During the first half of the 20th century, the two world wars saw several Abyssinian cats being killed. This was a major setback and almost led to their extinction in Britain. As soon as they recovered, in about the 1960s, leukemia again depleted the numbers of Abyssinian cats in Europe. However, breeders were more careful this time and ensured that Abyssinian cats were being bred in large numbers as soon as this disease calmed down a bit.

They are extremely energetic

If there is one thing that Abyssinian cats are famous for, it is their extreme energy. While some cats can sleep for almost as long as 20 hours, an Abyssinian cat probably will not do so. This is because they love to stay active and to move almost all the time. This is a plus point for cat owners. Cat owners do not have to make a special effort to move Abyssinian cats since these felines do that very well themselves.

These cats can play for hours on end with a wool ball or any soft toys you buy for them. They are also good at interacting with other cats and playing with them, making them good pets if they have a multi-pet household.

They have a unique “ticked” coat

While the word “ticked” may not seem to make much sense at first, when you see the coat of Abyssinian cats, you will know exactly why they are said to have ticked coats. Their fur displays a unique kind of striped pattern where the stripes are alternating and in different colors. The tips of the stripes are often darker and come in a wide range of colors. From brown, grey, to even lilac, the stripes of these cats are colorful and make every Abyssinian cat look different from another.

They crave human attention

One unique fact about Abyssinian cats is that they seek human attention. This may not seem all that unique at first, but Abyssinian cats are so demanding that it is a special characteristic how much they need humans to attend to them. This is because Abyssinian cats have the attitude of a royal pet and are extremely social.

They do not like to be left alone for long periods and need their pet owners to engage in activities with them. You need to be aware of the demanding nature of Abyssinian cats for another reason.

The main way that cats demand human attention is by meowing. So you can expect Abyssinian cats to meow quite a lot if you end up adopting one. If you are looking for a more peaceful or quieter pet, perhaps you should look into other breeds.

They are easy to train

While training is not a word we normally associate with cats, Abyssinian cats are easy to train. One example of this is that many people have trained their pet Abyssinian cats to walk on a leash. Yes, you read that right. If you can train your Abyssinian cat to walk on a leash, you can make your life much easier since when you take your cat out for a walk, you can prevent it from wandering too far.

People have also trained them to perform different kinds of tricks and cross obstacle courses. If you are a pet owner interested in competing in cat shows and other pet exhibitions, an Abyssinian cat is a good cat to adopt since they are relatively easy to train and teach new tricks.

They have strange backstories

One of the strangest facts about the Abyssinian cats is the myths and stories associated with their origin. While we have told you how the Abyssinian cats were bred professionally, there are a lot of romantic tales regarding their origin.

Since they have a very upright posture and regal-looking face, many people believe that they were the pets of the pharaohs of Egypt. Many people claim that the cats drawn in ancient hieroglyphics are Abyssinian cats since they appear to be very close to them.

What should you be aware of?

Abyssinian cats are known for having good and healthy lives, and they can live up to 15 years and beyond, a ripe old age in the feline world. However, you must stay on the lookout for certain diseases that develop in Abyssinian cats with exceeding age.

These include diabetes and gingivitis, and you should increase your number of visits to the vet as your feline friend goes older. This will ensure that any diseases that come with old age are caught early and can be managed easily to ensure your Abyssinian cat’s quality of life.

We hope that our unique facts regarding Abyssinian cats have aroused your curiosity regarding this royal-looking breed of cats. They make great pets and are sure to add a bit of fun and brightness to your home.

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