Manx Cat: Facts About The Tailless Cat

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Manx Cat: Facts About The Tailless Cat

Cats can be the perfect friend when it comes to having great company. Cats are known for their adorable fur, round eyes, and fur because they help improve your mood and make you feel like you have a purpose in life. Most people do not know this, but cats also have different personalities, just like humans.

Some cats are brought up in an environment where care and affection are given. Hence, they develop a friendly and calm personality. In contrast, some other cats may be moody and quickly get annoyed. In this article, we will be looking at the Manx cat, widely known for being the tailless cat.

A very cute Manx kitten

Manx Cat Personality

When it comes to a tailless cat breed, they are commonly known for not having a tail, but a few rare Manx cats do have normal length tails. Besides this unique and rare feature, the tailless cat is known for being an extremely smart and loving pet, earning the hearts of many owners.

Besides being smart, they are strong, which means they could easily jump from place to place, such as cupboards, bookshelves, high beds, etc. Due to their intelligence and nature of spending time with their owners, they can easily be trained. These tailless cats can also be easily trained, and earning their trust is not difficult.


One of the best things about tailless cats is that they can easily be trained in any household to be friendly towards other cats, kittens, and even dogs. Unlike other cats that may develop jealousy if their owners spend time with another pet, the Manx cat enjoys and feels safe.

Although many cats are pretty strong and playful, they are incredibly gentle with their owner. They are smart enough to distinguish between favorable and unfavorable habits. If you own a toddler or an infant and are worried about keeping a Manx cat, rest assured that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Tailless cats are incredibly caring, gentle, and loving towards babies.

Besides that, Manx cats also have a strong personality. They do not get defensive and are afraid when they meet strangers or new household members. Instead, they become shy, and within a few hours, they will start trusting.

Physical Features

The tailless cat is exceptionally adorable and friendly, and many seem to like them because of their features. This cat breed has a round face with a cute round head, while the ears form a rocket-like shape and have a bold look when standing. Some Manx tails have small tails and are referred to as stumpies.

Although these tailless cats have short hair, they have a double coat, which means that you have to comb their fur every day to prevent it from getting tangled. The tailless cat has a height of around 14 to 16 inches, and its weight ranges from 8 to 12 pounds, making them one of the heaviest balls of fluffs.

One other striking feature about this cat breed is that they come in different eye colors, ranging from green, copper, gold, and hazel to odd-eyed and even blue.

A concept of various foods for cat

Diet and Nutrition

Like every other cat, the Manx cat also needs a diet full of nutrients such as protein, vitamins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates to ensure that it grows healthily and safely. Although cats have different personalities, most cannot remember and keep track of their diets. Hence it is your job as a cat owner to remember and feed your cat according to a set timetable to prevent obesity, diarrhea, diabetes, or kidney failures.

When feeding your tailless cat, make sure you give him omega-three fats, fish oil, and other vitamins such as D, E, C, and B. Some cats have a particular taste as they are sensitive to different smells, flavors, and textures, but tailless cats are different as they can happily consume half-dry and half-wet food.

Manx Cat Care

Many Manx cat owners have stated that these tailless cats have similar characteristics to the dog; they tend to hide their toys and even fetch various toys. Unlike other shy and introverted cats, Manx cats are pretty friendly and affectionate and can help you overcome depression.

Although this cat breed comes in various colors of the coat and styles, most of them have the habit of constantly cleaning themselves and staying away from dirt, which you would not expect from a breed that is extremely fast and strong. In addition to that, Manx cats are extremely gentle when showering, cleaning ears, clipping nails, or even combing their coat, which overall adds to their affectionate-like personality.

Health Risks with Manx Cat Breed

One of the most crucial things to look for in this breed is how well they can survive in different external conditions. It is worth mentioning that some cats, despite living in a clean and safe environment, may contract several diseases, mainly because of gene mutation.

In the tailless cat breed, several diseases such as arthritis, Manx syndrome, and corneal dystrophy have been found. With proper care and medication, the Manx cat can quickly recover and go back to being playful, energetic, and overall friendly with their owners and strangers.


So now you know why Manx cats are extremely popular and loved amongst many cat owners out there. Overall, cats are extremely adorable and friendly creatures, making you feel less lonely. Despite the different personalities of cats, one common among many cat breeds, including this tailless Manx cat, is their ability to quickly trust their owners, which shows how innocent and caring they all are.

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