Cat Nausea – Everything You Need to Know!

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Cat Nausea: Everything You Need to Know

Cat nausea is very common. Most people don’t know a lot about it because your cat can not come up to you and tell you themselves. We have compiled a full article of everything you need to know about cat nausea and how to help your cat out.

What exactly is Cat Nausea?

Cat nausea is when your cat feels queasy, it can occur by itself or be coupled with vomiting. You have probably seen your cat throw up at one time or another, and it is very common for cats to throw up.

However, vomiting and cat nausea both warrant a deeper understanding of the problem. Even though it is quite common, it is not exactly normal. There might be something wrong with your cat’s health, and getting it checked out by a professional is the best solution.

How to Spot a Sick Cat

Nausea in humans is when you feel very sick and have a funny feeling in your stomach. It is hard to tell what cats feel like because your cat can not tell you about it. It is also harder to spot a sick cat. After all, how can you tell they are sick if they don’t tell you? Look out for any signs that may allow you to better assess your cat’s health.

Symptoms of Cat Nausea

Some signs will tell you if your cat is feeling nauseous. It is best to look out for these if you suspect they may be sick and act differently. Even if you don’t think this, it is still good to be aware of these things to be on the lookout generally.

Cat nausea tends to make cats restless. You may notice that your precious cat may not want to sit still in your lap or sleep with you. If it is acting aloof and not coming close to you to rest or play like normal days, it may be experiencing some cat nausea.

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Another symptom of cat nausea is loss of appetite. Many cats don’t feel like eating when they feel nauseous. You may also notice if your cat does eat, they may vomit the food out. If your cat is excessively meowing, they may be trying to tell you something. Cats may connect to their human owners very intimately, and when they are sick, they want to tell you about it. Keep an eye out for hyper localization.

Cat nausea can also lead your cat to drool. Notice the way your cat acts. If they are sitting normally but drooling simultaneously, it may be good to get them checked out.

Causes of Cat Nausea

There are many different reasons why your cat may be feeling nauseous. They may have swallowed their food too fast, eaten something that isn’t food (such as a piece of a plastic wrapper), had too much food, experienced motion sickness in your car, or swallowed a hairball. This list can go on and on, but these are just a few major examples of why cat nausea occurs.

More Serious Causes of Cat Nausea

Cat nausea is not always something you should be very worried about. In many instances, your cat may have just eaten something that did not suit their stomach very well, and they had a bout of vomiting to expel it from their body.

However, it can be a symptom of a more serious disease in some cases. Cat nausea can indicate that your cat has cancer, kidney or liver problems, or even diabetes. This is why it is essential to stay on top of your cat’s help. Animals are helpless in these situations, so it is up to the owner to seek professional help and restore their health.

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How Often Is It Okay for My Cat to Experience Cat Nausea?

Cat nausea is usually not an indication of a severe health problem. Throwing up is nature’s way of expelling any harmful substances from the body. So, if your cat throws up or feels nauseous from time to time, that is entirely normal. However, if your cat is throwing up and feeling sick multiple times a week, it is good to get professional help and take it to a veterinarian.

Keeping a Lookout

Taking constant measures to track your cat’s health is the only way to find out if it is sick and whether it is something serious that you should be worried about.

Checking the Litter Box

The litter box is an important source of information regarding your cat’s health. Take a look at what is inside from time to time. If you see any vomit or stool that does not look normal to you, you should consider this.

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Professional Help

Unless you are a veterinarian yourself, it is an excellent idea to let a professional take a look at your cat. There may be something that you are missing because you have not been trained to look out for this.

Physical Exam

Your cat’s veterinarian may do a complete physical exam of your cat if the need arises. This can include a rectal exam and feeling your cat’s stomach. The aim is to look for abnormalities in your cat’s gut and digestive system.

Blood workup may also be done in more severe cases if your vet feels like there is a need to do this. Other examinations include fecal exams, which can help diagnose your cat if they have an infection or parasites.

Keep a close eye on your cat and monitor its health from time to time to know if something is wrong with your cat. It is paramount to make sure your cat is eating healthy to avoid cat nausea. Check the expiration date of the food packet before you pour some in their bowl. This will help make sure your cat is not having expired food.

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