Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Have you ever experienced this? You woke up in the morning, and your cat started following you to the kitchen? Or does your cat rub her furry tail against your pajama pants wherever you’re going?

So, Have you ever wondered, ‘Why does my cat follow me? Are there any signs you should notice?

We all know that it’s pretty common for cats to communicate with their owners by showing adorable behaviors. Their meow melody makes their owners feel that their feline companion is attached to them. But other than showing affection, there are many reasons behind your cat’s behavior.

So, if you are curious to know everything, dive into this article!

We have got you covered with a few reasons behind this behavior of your cat.

So be ready to be surprised!

A cat is sitting on a man's shoulder

Your Cat Loves You

Don’t fret if your cat follows you from the bedroom to the bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen. Cats have formed solid and genuine bonds with human caretakers after living among them for so long. Your cat loves you, and they actually enjoy spending time with their favorite person, and obviously, that person is you!

Your cat is interested in watching her owner doing their work, whether you cook dinner or do a load of laundry. Your cat finds you more intriguing in doing activities rather than watching you sit straight looking at a screen.

Your Cat is an Attention Seeker

Cats are great attention seekers; they will adopt unusual behaviors to draw their owner’s attention towards themselves. Even if you enter a room, your cat will meow to tell you that ‘I am here, see me. If you do activities and are not engaged with your cat for a while, she may start following you everywhere to remind you of her existence and want you to acknowledge it.

Pouring cat foods

Your Cat is Hungry

It won’t surprise you to find your cat following you at her feeding time. Meanwhile, she will show you an obvious sign of following you that your cat baby is excited about her mealtime. Your cat’s eyes will closely watch your moves, and her muffled meow will ask you for food!

Many cat owners think that following a cat during mealtime is typical feline behavior. Still, if you notice that your cat is doing this more than usual, in that case, her behavior indicates some underlying condition, such as hyperthyroidism, that could be making your cat more hungry. If it is a sudden change in your cat’s behavior, it would be best to bring it to the vet to examine the underlying conditions.

Your Cat is Curious

You might have heard that cats are curious by nature, and their curiosity makes them follow their owners everywhere. Cats are more curious to know what you are up to, and they are interested in those areas of the home that stimulate their minds. Sometimes, it is just a kitten’s sheer curiosity to follow your movements.

Your Cat is Not Feeling Well

Cats cannot express their feelings in words; instead, they would try to communicate with their body language. Cats can sort their problems with their body movements, but they are not good at telling their illness or pain through their movements and behaviors. Therefore, they start following you everywhere and expect you to notice their condition.

Let’s just understand this scenario with an example: your catty wants to be with you in an unusually intense way or seems distraught when you leave home without her. In that case, you need to make an appointment with the veterinarian behaviorist to address any health or behavior concerns.

A Bengal cat is anxiously following someone

Your Cat Has Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is considered a more well-documented condition in dogs than in cats. Separation anxiety in cats is caused due to the separation of pet cats from their favorite human with whom the cat has a strong bond. If you have ever been on a trip or vacation away from home and your cat starts following you and sleeping with you once you get home, it means your cat is experiencing separation anxiety.

This condition can range from mild to severe. Humans often leave mild forms unnoticed, while severe forms can be taken as bad behavior – which is not!

Do remember, our feline friends get used to seeing us around themselves. So it can be pretty shocking for them when they find you disappear suddenly.

Your Cat is Changing – Want to be More Social!

Some cat breeds behave like dogs. Breeds like Ragdoll, Abyssinian, Devon Rex, Sphynx, Maine Coon, and Turkish Angora. These cat breeds tend to become more social and integrate into their owner’s life. This can be their natural adaptation as indoor cats’ lives are entirely different from their ancestor’s life, i.e., wildlife.

Your Cat Wants Treat

While some cats like to be held or petted, other cats love to get rewards from their owners in treat form. They will follow their owners to the kitchen, hoping to get a tasty treat. So, if your cat often follows you to the kitchen, then always be prepared to give her a treat because she won’t let you go without taking one!

Wrapping Up                     

The reasons mentioned in the article indicate the cat’s behavior of following their owners is a sign of an unspoken bond between a pet cat and her owner. Apart from showing love, this behavior is also a sign that your cat feels safe being around you as she trusts you. Always be observant of your cat’s body language to know about her feelings.

Furthermore, it is also possible that something might be bothering her, and it could be an underlying illness or condition that causes her to follow you. So, be attentive!

Because no matter what the reason is behind your cat following you, it is essential to pay attention to ensure your feline friend is entirely healthy and happy!

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