Another Episode of Facts About Cats That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

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Cats are amazing pets, and they have been kept as domesticated cats for thousands of years. From Greeks to Egyptians, everyone used to love cats back in the day. Cats are now the most owned pets in the US, which shows how much cats are adored around the world.

Considering how much you love hearing interesting facts about your furry buddies, we are back with another post. In this post, you will learn about 10 mind-blowing facts about your feline friends that you didn’t know about. Some of these facts are interesting, some of them are funny and some of them are quite weird.

  1. Even though many wild carnivore cats like puma, lions, leopards, etc share a lot of qualities and personality traits with a house cat, the animal that house cats mostly resemble is the tiger. A cat’s genome is 95.6% similar to that of a tiger. They share many personality traits. They like to scratch, they will keep looking out for prey and will get into a similar position when they are about to pounce on, and they also mark their territory with urine. Cats and tigers also have a similar style of walking and have similar predatory instincts.
  1. We humans have a large set of vocabulary. We also speak different languages and different languages have a different vocabulary. While cats around the world have a similar way of communicating. So does that mean that cats don’t have a massive range of vocabulary like humans? Well, cats have their unique form of vocabulary. They used it to communicate with their owner and while we don’t know what they want to say, owners manage to understand what their cats want through their behavior.
  1. As we mentioned, cats share a lot of personality traits with some of the wildest and more dangerous animals that belong to the cat family, like lions, tigers, pumas, etc. One such behavioral trait is pouncing. Cats often pounce on stuffed animals as it reminds them of their prey. They will pounce on it and lock their jaws on it.
  1. Cats can have weird food cravings and sometimes, they will eat food that you don’t expect them to eat. Your cat can eat chips from a bag of potato chips, can eat olives, and can even drink a little beer. However, remember that many human-friendly food items are harmful to cats. Human food items are high in obesity and some nutrients that human-friendly food have are not good for cats. So, always monitors your cat’s eating habits and see what it’s eating.
  1. If you think that every cat loves catnips, you can’t be more wrong. Catnips only affect around 50 to 70% of cats. Also, catnip normally doesn’t affect female cats. However, male cats are comparatively more sensitive to catnip. However, if your kitten is below the age of 3 months, then catnip won’t have any effect on it. Therefore, if you have a male cat, letting it rub on a catnip can be a way to relieve its stress and anxiety.
  1. Have you ever had a child and have you ever taught your children something when they were 2 or 3 years old? If yes, then you won’t have a problem training your cat. Cats have a similar learning style to a 2-3-year-old child. As the child learns through actions and practical application, cats also learn through the actions of their owners.
  1. In a human fight, the one who talks a lot and doesn’t lay their hands first is the weaker and more unconfident one of the two. Things are quite similar when two cats get involved in a confrontation. The stronger cat won’t feel the need to hiss at the opposing cat. It will smack it right away, while the other cat that keeps on hissing is the more vulnerable one. The reason behind this is that cats don’t hiss when they want to attack. Hissing is a defensive action, and by hissing, cats threaten the confronter to leave.
  1. If you want your cat to sleep when you sleep, it is important to keep it active during the day. If your cat is sleeping during the day, good luck sleeping in the night, because your furry friend won’t let you sleep and will keep pushing you to play with it. If your cat is not on a free feeding diet, you can give it a nice meal in the evening so that it can have a nice sleep at the night.
  1. Dogs and cats have very different personalities. However, the differences between these animals don’t end here. The signs that these two animals give away are opposite. If your dog wags its tails, this means that they are happy, they want to play with you and they are excited. However, if your cat wags its tail, it does not mean that it is happy or exciting. This means that your cat is annoyed by you and if you try to bother it one more time, you’ll get your arms scratched.
  1. Our fingerprints are some of the most unique things in the world. There are billions of humans in the world, but no one has a matching fingerprint. However, cats also have a similar quality, but instead of having unique fingerprints, every cat has a unique nose print. Therefore, if your cat had a phone made for it, it’ll be unlocking it using its nose.

We hope that you are as surprised as we were when we read these paw-some facts about our adorable furry buddies. There are more amazing cat facts in store for you which will be covered in a different post in the future.

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