5 Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

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Flea in animal fur

If you are a cat owner and your cat suddenly starts to act erratic or starts biting its fur and keeps on licking itself, then your cat may have fleas on itself. The first thing you need to do is separate your cat from any other pet in the house, whether a dog, another cat or even a hamster.

The fleas will not spare any time to jump from one animal to another. You may also get flea shampoo, but they tend to be quite a bit on the expensive side. Hence this article will help you in fighting the flea endemic your cat’s fur is facing.

A cat is biting fleas

But in some cases, you may think that all the chemicals in the different products that are readily available over-the-counter may cause allergic reactions on your cat. Sometimes your cat may be allergic to most of the substances in different lotions and shampoos, so you may be motivated to treat your cat at home.

There is a problem, though. You don’t know which ingredients to use. This article will tell you about 5 of the best remedies for fleas on cats.

Lemon fruit

1- Lemons

Fleas on cats hate citric acid, and they do not cope well in acidic conditions, and they will instantly die. What you need to do is boil a sliced lemon and put that solution into a spray bottle, and spray it into your cat’s fur and maybe rub it in with your hand. The fleas will be gone in an instant and will come out of your cat’s fur with no effort. Any lice eggs will be prevented from hatching.

And all the lice will be kept at bay from this potent remedy. This has been a recommended remedy from previous cat owners, and it will work for fleas on cats of many breeds. However, you may need to take some care with this remedy since it still may cause irritations to the skin. You should spray the solution onto a small area on the cat’s fur and if there are no reactions, then proceed with this remedy as previously planned.

Cumin seeds

2- Some Kitchen Spices

Yup, you read that right. Spices readily available in many kitchens across the country can also be used for fleas on cats. This is amazing since you may be surprised how well these spices can work and how cheap they are.

Salt can be used to treat fleas on cats, and it works by dehydrating the skins of the fleas, which causes them to die. It causes similar symptoms with flea eggs, which kills the eggs too; you can comb out the dead fleas and dried eggs with the usual groomer you use.

Lice also particularly dislike the smell of cumin seeds and will not stay in an area where cumin is present. The downside here is. However, cats also do not exactly love cumin seeds. So it is recommended that you put some cumin seeds in your cat’s food, and once ingested, it will make the fleas scurry away from your cat’s fur.

This is also an excellent remedy for fleas on cats and is preferred by many experienced cat owners. You can also use oregano oil and olive oil to treat your kitty; apply this solution where lice on cats may gather, such as your cat’s neck, belly, or ears.

Dish soap

3- Dish Soap

At this point, you may start wondering if anything may get rid of the lice on your cat’s fur. The flea’s exoskeleton is made out of chemicals prone to dissolving on contact with dish soap. So prepare a dilute dish soap and water solution and later sprinkle it on your cat’s fur. Hopefully, your cat may finally get rid of the lice it had. It is a great and cheap home remedy that usually works with lice on cats.

Chamomile and lavender

4- Lavender and Chamomile

This remedy may be the only one that has extensive studies backing up its results. And it is considered to be a  revolution for cats. These studies have shown that lavender is almost as good of a flea-killer compared to chemical sprays that can have lasting effects on your cat’s fur. You can add chamomile for a hint of freshness if you feel like it.

Or you can brew some chamomile tea, and then after it cools, you can rub it onto your cat’s coat. This will probably soothe your cat. It is one of the best remedies for lice in cats. This may leave your kitty smelling heavenly on top of being lice-free

Cedar chips

5- Cedar Chips

This may be a tough one to do. And that’s because cats hate the aroma of cedar chips. So instead of rubbing them on your cat’s fur, it’d be better to sprinkle them in or near your cat’s bedding. Or maybe somewhere, you may think that a flea colony can reside.

Cedar chips can also come in oil form, and you can put on a few drops on your cat’s belongings or their surroundings. This is an unpopular but effective remedy for lice on cats and will surely get rid of them. Your cat may not appreciate this remedy though, be wary.


After following some of the remedies for lice on cats, your cat will be as lice-free as can be. And you’d also be able to rest easy that your cat is not constantly biting and scratching itself. But to avoid lice on cats again, you need to make sure that your cat’s surroundings are clean from lice.

So you should sprinkle some lice powder in and around your household. And also in places, your cat is known to visit the most, such as the garden or its bed.

Studies show that cats that spend more time outdoors are likely to develop a lice infestation on them. It is recommended to groom your cat’s legs and tail. These spots are the most likely places lice will be if they climb onto your cat when it comes back into the house from the open outdoors.

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