How to Understand Your Cat Better?

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How to Understand Your Cat Better?

It’s tough to judge what your cat means by its behavior towards you. It’s an animal, so it’s confusing for you to think about what your cat wants. Many first-time cat owners have a tough time looking after their cats when they don’t know what their actions mean. They don’t know how to understand cats. If you are going through similar issues, you might be wondering;

“How to understand my cat?”

Don’t worry; we got you covered!

Even though cat behavior is different in different breeds, you will learn how to understand cat behavior in this guide.

Read our tips to better understand your cat.

1. Rubbing

Once your cat becomes comfortable with you, it’ll start rubbing its head against you. This indeed is a gesture that shows your cat’s affection towards you; however, there’s more to this sweet gesture. Behaviorists call this action “Bunting”, as through this action, cats are releasing pheromones through which, and it is showing its ownership over you. Cats often rub their head and leave their scent over certain things to mark their territory, and this is exactly what they do with you. The cat acknowledges you as its owner and shows that it’s proud of you.

2. Sits inside small spaces

We all like to sit in places where we don’t feel suffocated or claustrophobic, right? However, as a first-time cat owner, you might find it strange that your cat sits in whichever place it fits in. Some kittens can even nap in an iPhone box. So, how do cats sit ever so comfortably in tight spaces? Well, cats feel safe being in such tight spaces rather than feeling claustrophobic. This is a very unique trait, and cats look very cute when they snuggle up in a small box.

3. Cat’s Eyes

The way your cat is staring has its own message.

Cats often give away many messages through the way they look at you. When your cat is staring at you, this means that it probably needs your attention. If the stare is intense and your cat’s ears are twitching back and forth, it means that your cat is alert or curious. However, when a cat stares at you, do not stare in its eyes and start a staring contest, as cats take it as a sign of aggression. If your cat slowly blinks at you, it is a sign of its affection towards you. This gesture is also called kitty kisses by behaviorists as this is a way in which cats show their affection towards their owners. However, cats won’t look at you all the time as these animals prefer alone time and like playing on their own. 

4. Rolling Around

Cats usually don’t roll around in places where they don’t feel safe, as it leaves them in a vulnerable position. So, if your cat is rolling around in front of you, it shows that it’s comfortable with you and is safe around you. So take this as a compliment from your fluffy friend, as you mean a lot to it.

5. Get away from me!

Just like humans, cats have limits. They can’t play and cuddle with you all day long. They sometimes need alone time, and when you try to mess with them, they’ll act repulsive and a little aggressive. They can bite you a bit or scratch you. This is their way of saying:

“Hey, knock it off!”

Also, when cats are bored, they can even knock things off the table, which is pretty annoying for you, but it’s a boredom-busting exercise for cats.

6. Bringing its hunts to you

This is a rather creepy gesture that cats do to acknowledge their association with you. When your cat hunts something, it will bring the carcass to you, as it intends to share its hunting success with you. Through this gesture, cats acknowledge you as one of them. Seemingly, this is not a cute gesture, but for the cat, it is a form of affection towards you. Turns out, cats are pretty wild lovers.

7. Eating inedible items

Sometimes a cat enjoys chewing inedible items.

You cannot force your cat to eat what you want it to eat, as it will start acting repulsively if you do that. However, if your cat enjoys chewing inedible items like cloth, wood, plastic, or metal, your cat might be suffering from pica.

Pica is a very rare condition in cats, and this abnormal behavior might be happening due to this condition. Even though the cause of this condition is not known yet, many proposed reasons behind this rare condition include mineral deficiencies, anemia, hyperthyroidism, genetics, boredom, and stress. If your cat has been behaving like this, then it is crucial to get your cat properly examined by a vet to rule out any preexisting health issues.

8. Litter Fail

If your cat is littering outside despite being properly trained, it can be medical issues that are causing improper littering or urination. Your cat can be going through urinary tract issues, constipation, or bladder issues. It’s also possible that your cat might be suffering from excessive stress and anxiety. If your cat is not littering properly, you should be taking it to a vent to identify what’s wrong with your cat’s health.

9. Lazing over your belongings

Your cat is more intelligent than you think. It knows about all of your belongings, which is why whenever you have your belongings like your clothes, blankets, laptop, tablet, or magazines laid out, your cat will just come and laze over it. It looks like the cat wants to play with its ‘hooman’ while ‘hooman’ has work to do. Cats do this to seek the attention and affection of their owners, and this looks very cute. 

10. Chattering

Even if you are a newbie cat owner, you might have heard intense teeth chattering from your cat, especially when they spot a bird from the window. This indicates that your cat badly wants to hunt, and when it sees a prey far away from its reach, it vents its frustration through chattering. When a cat wants to hunt, you can observe its instinct as it can be seen doing strange jaw movements. This behavior is normal, so don’t worry.

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We hope these signs will help you judge your cat’s behaviors in a much more informed manner.

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