Why Are Cats Better Than Dogs?

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Why Are Cats Better Than Dogs?

Cats are often thought of as the less preferred pet. This is because they are thought to be cold, distant, and aloof. These are taken as signs that they do not love their human parents or that they somehow do not make good pets. This is why there is this misconception that dogs are significantly better pets.

We admit that dogs are more active and outgoing than most cats, but this does not mean that they are better as pets! You need to understand that what makes an ideal pet is different for every person. This is why it is hard to give a definite answer to the cat versus dog debate. However, we surveyed several people and gathered some other research to provide you with a makeshift answer, at least.

Spoiler alert: the answer is cats! However, we have not given this answer based on our subjective opinions. We have used a wide range of factors to tell you why cats are better compared to dogs as pets.

They Are Extremely Hygienic

When it comes to a showdown between cats and dogs, cats win the hygiene battle once and for all. There is not even much debate about this. This is because cats are obsessed with grooming themselves and keeping their fur and bodies in top condition. Even if you do not own a cat yourself, you will have seen how frequently they use their tongue to clean themselves.

Mother cats do this to their kittens too! In addition to self-grooming, cats are not as dirty as dogs because cats never really roll in the mud too much. While they do enjoy a bit of the outdoors, they are not as wild as dogs and hence get much less dirty. This is why for most cats, even for the fancy-white Persian cat, you usually only need to bathe them once a week.

Cute kitten lying next to a comb
A cute kitten is lying next to a comb

While some cats may need more frequent baths, cats’ maintenance and grooming are nowhere as extensive and time-consuming as dogs’. So doesn’t this point make our feline friends better pets?

They Are Good For Human Intelligence

Yes, you read that right! It has been proven through numerous studies that cats are beneficial for the intelligence of their human families. This is because cats are much less expressive than dogs, so interpreting their needs and wants is a bit of a difficult task.

However, cat owners become accustomed to reading the behavioral cues of their feline pets after they have lived with them for some while. This means that any cat owner has a nuanced understanding of reading bodily cues, feline sounds, and behavior patterns. Decoding a cat’s behavior is much more difficult than interpreting a dog’s behavior, which is why people who live with cats over time have higher intelligence.

Cat wearing glasses reading a book
A cat is wearing glasses and reading a book

In addition to this, cats are curious animals, which rub off on the little children who live with them in the same household. Living with a smart cat can make your toddlers grow up into smart kids, which is why having cats around can be beneficial.

They also can engage in mind puzzles and games with their owners, so while you are at it, you get a chance to sharpen your minds as well! Dogs are good, but they are more interested in physical activities. Interacting with them does not enhance your mental skills compared to living with cats!

They Use Less Space than Dogs

This is something that every person who has owned both cats and dogs will know. Firstly, many common dog breeds, such as the Labrador, are bigger than most pet cats. An average dog can weigh about 50 pounds, while the average cat weighs around 10 pounds. This makes felines significantly easier to handle and hence, the better pets.

Cats Are Neater Than Dogs

Physical characteristics apart, cats live in a less scattered manner as compared to dogs. In addition to this, you will see that your cat often has a few spots in the house that it likes to visit. This spot can be the windowsill, a small nook, or its little bed. Cats tend to stick to the areas that they find safe and comfortable and do not keep running around all the time.

Gray cat sitting on windowsill
A gray cat sitting on a windowsill

Unfortunately, this is not the case with dogs! Dogs continuously move around the house and make themselves comfortable anywhere, be it your bed, couch, or favorite armchair! This is why dogs take up much more space as compared to cats. This is also an important consideration if you live in a small apartment or house.

People who live in smaller places also tend to keep cats as their pets since they are compact little animals who can easily adjust anywhere. Owning a pet dog is a major decision, and you need to give them the proper space to stay comfortable. On this basis, cats are way better pets since they can live happily in smaller areas too!

They Have Great Stories Attached To Them

If you want a pet, you would like to have one with a story attached to it. Almost every cat breed has a unique origin story attached to it. So if you take the Abyssinian cat, for instance, it is considered to have traveled from Europe on a ship! The Bengal cat has roots in wild jungle cats. While the Norwegian Forest cat has originated from the thick, snowy forests of Norway.

Every cat breed you look at will have some mysterious story since people have always been intrigued by these unique animals. So if you want to adopt a pet, the better option is cats since they have interesting stories that can give you something to talk about with your guests.

Portrait of an Abyssinian cat
Portrait of an Abyssinian cat

Cats Have A Smaller Carbon Footprint

If you love the environment, you will want to know your pet’s impact on the environment. You will be surprised to know that according to a study conducted in New Zealand in 2009, it was found that dogs leave a carbon footprint that can be more than two times that of an SUV! Yes, you read that right.

While there is no exact number for the footprint that cats leave, it is significantly less than dogs, which is why they are less harmful to the environment. So if you are into saving the environment and want to minimize the negative impact your household has on Earth, adopt a cat as a pet!

Cats Are Less Smelly

This is something of an obvious advantage. You have heard people say that something smells like a “wet dog.” Well, there is a good reason why people use this phrase for referring to unpleasant smells! On the other hand, cat owners have very few complaints regarding unpleasant odors or smell coming from their feline friends.

This is because cats continuously groom themselves, use a scented litter box, and do not get as down and dirty as dogs do! So if you don’t want everything in your house to be permeated with a “wet dog” smell, think of adopting a cat instead!

Cat licking its paw to groom itself
A cat is licking its paw to groom itself

They Tend To Relax and Sleep

One of the best things about cats is that they are generally more docile and calm than dogs. This is because an average cat sleeps about 12-16 hours a day. This is not a lot for them, so if you feel like your cat is sleeping too much, remember that their sleep duration is twice that of human beings. From a pet owner’s point of view, this is highly beneficial. You do not need to keep them engaged constantly.

Moreover, once you have played with your cat and interacted with it for the day, it will go to sleep peacefully, and you can get your other work done as well! Dogs demand your attention constantly and are hyper-alert and active. It can be hard to ignore the cute look in your dog’s eyes when it wants to play with you, no matter how busy you are! This is why cats are better than dogs since they let you have some alone time as well.

They Do Not Need As Many Exercises As Dogs

One of the key differences between cats and dogs is that cats need significantly less exercise than canine counterparts. This is because cats are not extremely physically active as compared to dogs. This does not mean that your feline pets are less energetic or lazy.

It is just that naturally, cats can get their exercise and physical activity requirements done while they are at home, while dogs need a larger space to relax and blow off steam.  You will need to walk your cat occasionally or take it out to a park, but this does not have to be daily. With dogs, you need to walk them every day to relieve themselves and get their dose of exercise. You can easily let go of this hassle if you adopt a cat!

Bengal cat walking on a leash
A Bengal cat is walking on a leash outdoor

They Prefer Human Interaction To Food!

People often mislabel cats by saying that they only interact with humans when the need arises. Cats are seen like these cold animals who only show affection to their families when they need something from them. In contrast, dogs are seen as generally loving at all times. However, nothing can be further from the truth.

According to data collected in a 2017 study in “Behavioral Processes,” cats were presented with different stimuli. This included food, various toys, and the option to interact with humans. Guess what cats chose? They chose human interaction. Since cats are so devoted to humans, they make better pets than dogs, as your interaction is what they value the most!

They Are Cheaper To Maintain

When it comes to a showdown between cats and dogs in terms of the price, cats are cheaper to buy, maintain and look after! You can easily compare the adoption fees for both animals to find out we are speaking the truth. The maximum adoption fee for a cat can be about 270 dollars.

We know that this can be a bit expensive, but you will be surprised to know that the adoption fee for dogs starts at 115 dollars and can go up to a whopping 660 dollars! If you want to buy a special or rare breed of dogs, you will need to pay even more when you approach a professional, renowned breeder! In addition to this, the cost of dog food is also generally higher than that of cats, and it is also more expensive to groom dogs.

While cat foods come in a range of prices, dog foods are generally not as cost-efficient. This means that the overall price tag that comes with a cat is lighter on the pocket than the price for dogs.

Kitten eating food from a bowl
A kitten is eating food from a white bowl

They Can Use Toilets

You might be surprised to know this one, but cats can use the toilet! While you may have heard that some dogs can do this, it is known for sure that cats have been trained to use the toilet. This adds to how hygienic and convenient cats are as pets. If you want your feline friend to be able to do this as well, start training from about 3 to 4 months of age.

This way, by the time it is completely grown up, it will know how to use the toilet. This means that now you do not have to deal with the hassle of a litter box, and your cat can go to the toilet when the need arises!


We hope that our discussion above explained to you how cats are better than dogs. Our aim wasn’t to discourage you from adopting dogs or looking after them! We support people who want to adopt animals in need, whether a dog or a cat.

However, we just told you how cats make better pets and friends compared to dogs. So if you are sitting on the fence about which pet to adopt and cannot make up your mind, maybe our guide will convince you to choose a cat over a dog!

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