How To Make My Cat Obey Me?

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How To Make My Cat Obey Me?

Even though cats are progressive and tend to learn many things at the same time, there are still some aspects you have to keep in mind while teaching your cat to obey you.

No matter how you train your cat, always follow the guides available to avoid mistakes and groom your cat to be the most well-maintained one. Don’t waste a second more if you want to make your cat obey you with just one command. Scroll down and read the article till the very end to learn a few best tips for making your cat listen to you.

Get To Know Them

The first part or step to making your cat obey you is getting to know them. Knowing the cat’s personality, behaviors, discipline, and every other thing are the most vital parts if you want your cat to follow your every order or command.

You can also spend time together to see how your cat acts around you. This could help you understand how to treat the cat so it will listen to you in return. You can also try to figure out what your cat’s favorite treat or snack is since that would help you out a lot to train the cat.

A golden Bengal cat is getting a treat from its owner

Use Treats Or Rewards

Once you give your cat command and ask them to complete it, they will try their best to do it and if the cat is done with the task, make sure you give them a cat treat. Rewarding the cat with a treat or their favorite toy could be a huge helping hand to make the cat listen to you without shouting much or running after it.

If your cat doesn’t have a favorite treat, you could prefer using a toy to lure them into listening to your every order. Toy reward will make your cat listen just as much as it does when you offer them a treat.

Get A Clicker

Using a clicker to mark their behaviors can be helpful, too, as it makes them realize that when the clicker is pressed, they did something that pleased their owner. Only press the clicker when you agree with the cat’s behavior and would want to offer the cat a treat.

This will make them realize the worth of listening to your commands; obeying your rules is in their favor. Whether you buy the clicker from a local place or a high-end one, it’ll work the same since all the clickers are made for one thing only; letting the cat know that they are behaving well. They will understand that the clicker has a connection with the rewards, so they will obediently listen to you. No matter the command, if the clicker is pressed, it will indicate that listening to you is good.

A man is rubbing his cat belly

Appreciate the Positive Behaviors

If your cats behave well and have a positive attitude, don’t forget to appreciate them. Show them the love; give them head scratches or even belly rubs to make them feel like what they’re doing will reward your attention.

Almost all the cats are always eager for your attention, making them want to repeat the same thing more often that pleases you. So, if you reward the cat’s obedience and positive behavior with attention, love, or even treats, this would urge them to do the same thing repeatedly. This is precisely why you should avoid interacting with the cat when they’re misbehaving.

Arrange Training  Sessions

You can also arrange the training of 5 – 6 minutes to train them to be as obedient as possible. You could focus on little details like talking, listening, and many others in the training sessions. This would get them to make it their habit with the routine and practice it more often in real day-to-day life.

The shorter the training sessions are, the more excited the cat will be to train with you. This will also develop their interest to listen to you more often, knowing that it is the perfect way to receive attention from you.

Start Hissing To Say “No”

If your cat is doing something that keeps offending you or is misbehaving, then the best way to tell them “No” is in their language. You can start hissing like a cat if they try to be violent or aggressive. This makes the cat realize that what they were doing was not so pleasant and that their owner was the one in control. This could also provide you dominance over your cat and make them listen to you more often and much more quickly.

Be Gentle With Them

Shouting or scolding will never let your cat listen to you or be obedient to you. This will only make things worse and make the cat run away from you every time you try to call their name. This will only result in them being stressed, so avoid putting them inside the cage or even giving them any punishments.

Also, avoid scuffing to discipline your cat as it is not the way to teach them manners. This might be helpful for young kittens, but adult cats take it as humiliation and only like to be held that way when it is an emergency.

Avoid harsh punishment for your cat as it does no good at all

Avoid Punishing

As mentioned above, punishing your cat will only result negatively as it may cause them to stress all the time. Even if you want to tell the cat “No,” only use a simple command with the word no or a simple clap of your palm; avoid using any exaggerated actions.

You wouldn’t want your cat to be stressed all the time, so try to be as gentle as you can be with your cat and avoid shouting or screaming at them.

Final Thoughts

Owning a cat is not easy since you have to look for so many factors; nothing can be ignored, whether it is their discipline or health issues. You will now be able to easily teach your cat to listen to you more often, with excitement and affection on display from your cat.

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