How To Keep Your Cat Off the Counter?

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How To Keep Your Cat Off the Counter?

Do you always see your cat aiming for the countertop every time you cook something? If yes, don’t fret because your cat’s actions are very normal!

Cats are built curious and tempted, and they go wherever they get fascinated. Generally speaking, kitchens are one of their favorite places to hang around, but since it can be dangerous, here are a few ways you can stop their actions.

Why Do Cats Jump Over the Kitchen Counter?

The Kitchen Counters Smell Nice

The primary role of a kitchen counter is to hold yummy food; cats love the smell of the kitchen overall, but the counter is where they can’t keep their eyes off. All the good stuff, like raw meat and milk and casseroles, are placed above, and it’s just temptation that leads them there.

Additionally, when counters are not cleaned properly, food crumbs and leftovers stick to the table, which a cat obviously enjoys pecking on.

A cute Bengal cat is licking dough over the counter


If you’re a cat mom/dad, you know that cats just love heights, be it trees, logs, hills, counters, you name it! They are there. Similarly, counters are a good and accessible jump for cats; they can easily reach over the counters with just one big leap. If it’s a young cat, potentially a chair close to the table will aid in the mission.

Fresh Running Water From the Sink

Another attraction for cats is crystal water running from the sink. The sound of the running water instills peace in them and eases their anxiety, so they like being close to the sound; hence, they jump on the counter. In addition, this sink water is also a source of hydration for them, and it’s easier to drink rather than in a bowl.

What To Avoid?

Never Punish Your Cat

Cats usually never take scoldings very well; this is an essential factor to know when you have a cat at home. Try to avoid raising your voice on them because they are sensitive and might feel attacked; along with this, they will be scared of you and not the counter.

Don’t Push Your Cat

Your cat might get hurt, and this act is quite harsh, so please refrain from forcing actions on your cat.

Don’t Use Incentives That Might Hurt the Cat

Some deterrents might harm the cat; they can be physical and emotional. Sprays with a chemical that are not ideal for cats should not be used for obvious reasons.

A woman is staring at her cat walking over the counter

How to Prevent Cats From Jumping Over the Counter?

You might want to take some preventive measures to stop your cats from flying over the counters here and there. The main reason is that counters hold a lot of sharp and dangerous objects like metal pans, knives, etc. A cat’s contact with these things can prove to be potentially life-threatening.

Here’s what you can do to be successful with the task.

Keep Chairs Away From the Kitchen Counters

For cats, chairs are ideal objects to take help from while climbing; therefore, to discourage them from being on the counter; you will have to remove the chair.

Place Foil Or Plastic Papers on the Corners of the Counter

Foil papers make noise as they are touched, and cats hate it. They don’t like their steps making noise or the feel of the plastic or foil, so they will stop hanging around the place once they get annoyed by it. Although, you might want to consider that this method will be pretty wasteful.

Clean Your Countertop Thoroughly

You want to clean your kitchen deeply so that your cat isn’t allured to the place by its smell. Keep an eye, especially on the crumbs and the sauces sticking to the tabletop; that’s the root of your problem. Plus, it keeps away bacteria, and your kitchen will stay clean.

Place Double-Sided Sticky Tapes Or Prickly Carpets on the Edge of the Counters

Another thing that a cat can not stand is walking on sticky surfaces and will slip off when they try to reach the top edge; they also refrain from walking on sharp surfaces. However, there is a possibility that they might trick you and find a way to get on top without reaching for the edge.

Give Them Tricker Training

When you train your cats for food, train them to sit and stand on the floor. Treat them well when they complete the task successfully. This method will instill the obedience trigger in their minds, leaving them to believe that they will get treated when they follow orders. That’s how your counters will steer clear from any cat.

Buy Some Cat Climbing Furniture

To divert the attention from the kitchen counters, you should get some fun furniture that encourages jumping and activities. This furniture will also come in handy to train them and make them more active because it will provide entertainment for them.

A cat is drinking from faucet

Fix Leaky Faucets

Ensure that water doesn’t keep running from your kitchen sink tap. First of all, it is an immense wastage of water, and secondly, it attracts the cat for the reasons mentioned above.

You can stress your cat to drink from the water bowl you provide them, but if they don’t, watch out for some signs of why they are avoiding bowl water. It could probably be because you haven’t changed the litter or the area is dirty but once you have investigated what’s wrong, try changing it to favor the cat.

Another thing you can try is getting a water fountain sort of structure which repeats the running water and is drinkable. This would definitely deflect the attention on the kitchen sink.

Wrapping Up

The above-given reasons are all ones that can be helpful if your cat runs up the kitchen counter every time you face away. Kitchen counters are dangerous, and you should take steps to avoid any possible mishaps that could take place.

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