Norwegian Forest Cats Are the Most Beautiful – Why?

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Norwegian Forest cat closeup look

Norwegian Forest cats are famous for being one of the most beautiful cat breeds. Well, there is a good reason for this belief. These large, shaggy cats have a ruggedly handsome appearance. However, in addition to being pretty, they make for great pets as well. While the Norwegian Forest cat price can vary and be a little high at times, our guide will tell you why they make great pets!

How has the Norwegian Forest cat breed evolved?

 Norwegian Forest cats are a breed is a breed that has evolved naturally. They are also lovingly referred to as the “Wedgie,” and many believe they traveled with Viking sailors on their boats. That does not sound so far-fetched since this breed of felines is pretty old, and sailors often liked to take pet cats with them to keep them company.

Moreover, this breed of felines has evolved naturally. Today, most popular cat breeds were bred through human-cat breeders who specially bred purebred cats with other purebred cats to have their special features more pronounced.

On the other hand, Norwegian Forest cats evolved naturally, i.e., there were no professional, human breeders involved in the breeding process, and they reproduced naturally.

Why are Norwegian Forest cats considered pretty?

Norwegian Forest cats are considered one of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world. These cats grew up in the snowy Norse forests and had a coat of thick and smooth fur. This fur gives them a rough, rugged look that drives cat lovers mad. Moreover, they are said to resemble Viking sailors a lot!

Sitting Norwegian Forest cat

This is because their light, grey, and golden fur seems to give them the appearance of a burly Viking soldiers. When you couple this with their striking eyes, you have a cat that is truly worthy of being called the world’s most beautiful feline.

Norwegian Forest cats are also strong and burly. The Norwegian Forest cat size is on the bigger side when it comes to the feline world. An adult male can weigh a whopping 15 pounds, while females can reach up to 11 pounds. They also have a long life expectancy. Norwegian Forest cats may live up to 16 years of age, meaning that they may be able to grow up with your children.

Why do Norwegian Forest cats look like kittens?

One of the cutest things about Norwegian Forest cats is that they seem to mature less slowly than other cats. If you have been around Norwegian forest cats, you will notice that they take approximately five years to become full-fledged adult felines. This means that they retain their young kitten looks for many years, making them all the more lovable. Moreover, this late-maturing process also means that they remain mentally young for a long time as well. So you will see them running around and exploring things like a kitten does for several years.

What is the Norwegian Forest cat’s personality like?

Even though Norwegian Forest cats look wild and have grown up in the wild, their personality is very sweet and gentle. While they like the attention of their owners, they can enjoy some moments of solitude as well, meaning that they are not extremely demanding. They love to play outdoors and are generally willing participants for whatever games you have planned for them.

Do Norwegian Forest cats suffer from many common health problems?

Sleeping Norwegian Forest cat

Fortunately, there are no common health problems that Norwegian Forest cats suffer from. This is because the breed generally grew up and evolved in the wild. This trait makes Norwegian Forest cats pretty sturdy and healthy. However, like you will have noticed, the Norwegian Forest cat is pretty healthy. They weigh a lot for cats and are heavy when you pick them up.

Due to this, the breed tends to put on weight. As is the case with humans, too much weight gain can lead to obesity and related problems in this breed of felines. However, all of these issues are avoidable. You should keep a constant check on the weight of your Norwegian Forest cats by keeping them engaged in a healthy amount of physical activities. Make sure that your cat gets satisfying meals that contain all the necessary nutrients it needs.

However, do not let it snack irregularly since this can lead to excessive weight gain. If you feel like your Norwegian Forest cat is still gaining weight, you can contact your vet and seek his help for making a diet and exercise schedule.

How often do the Norwegian Forest cats need grooming?

The Norwegian Forest cat is one of the world’s most beautiful cats for a reason. They have extremely thick, luscious fur. In the wild, this fur helped to protect them from the cold jungle winds. However, despite their long and thick fur, the Norwegian Forest cat does not require too much maintenance.

These smart felines are pretty good at maintaining themselves too, and you will see them licking and grooming themselves very frequently. However, as a responsible pet owner, you should brush their thick coat at least twice a week. This will ensure that your cute feline’s fur remains untangled and smooth and will prevent breakage.

Should you adopt Norwegian Forest cats?

Norwegian Forest cats make for great pets. Period. This is because they are fun-loving and gentle. They can also get on well with the other pets in your house. While they will love your care and attention, if you cannot devote all your time to Norwegian Forest cats, they can stay on their own for a bit as well. They are extremely energetic and playful, which means they are great partners for mental and physical games. Due to the large size of these shaggy felines, you can also play with them outside your house, giving you a chance to get some fresh air as well!

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