Do Cats Like Air Conditioning?

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Do cats like air conditioning?

Have you noticed a few uncertain things in your cat while sleeping in an air-conditioned room?

Keeping a pet isn’t an easy job. It comes with tons of responsibilities. Yes! We know you want to see your pet happy and joyful, and you can’t see them sad. But there are many factors to notice behind their sadness. Of course, it isn’t simple to know what actually makes them sad, but some cats give signs of not feeling well.

However, the task of delivering ultimate comfort to your pet might be challenging at times, particularly in changing weather conditions. Similarly, like humans, cats also feel the effects of uncertain weather conditions such as cold weather or hot scorching days. Prioritize your pet’s comfort and act accordingly.

Generally, if the weather is a little too cold or too hot, then your pet will find new corners to hide or explore as it might be severe to them. Let’s talk about the situations when the weather is extremely hot, and you switch on your air conditioner. You might not feel that, but your cat will act abnormal or weird in certain situations. But you need to ask yourself, do cats like air conditioning?

Do Cats Like Temperature Changes?

Some cats like air conditioning and enjoy the air-conditioned environment. While other cats easily get irritated in extremely cold temperatures. But bringing certain changes into their routine may cause some irregular health conditions, such as sudden illness, flu, or fever. Although cats are good at tolerating temperatures, it will harm them in unexpected ways for a longer period.

Does Air-Conditioning Bring Anxiety to Your Cat?

Air conditioning will bother cats if it’s directly coming to their face. Cats get irritated when the cold air directly hits them. The cold breezes can come inside the house from windows or fans and obviously from the air conditioner you left on. Cats may get in a bending position to protect themselves from the direct shot of air.

The best thing you can do to keep your cat away from the straight air shots is to direct the air vents towards the ceilings. This way, the air will surround the whole room without feeling like a gust of wind.

Is Air-Conditioning Good for Cats?

There are many misconceptions regarding this. Although it is commonly believed that air conditioning can make pets sick, it is also implausible that an air conditioner will be the only cause of your cat’s illness.

Air conditioning is usually good for cats because it makes them feel cool and comfortable in hot weather. A clear and clean filtered air conditioner will never bring any harm to your cat’s health. Air conditioning is also helpful for your cats in the summers as it decreases the chances of getting overheated. Another good thing is that it will maintain the overall temperature of your house.

Scottish Fold cat lying on bed

Can Air-Conditioner Scare Your Cat?

When a cold shot of air hits cats directly, they will hide somewhere, but not every time it’s the case of cold breezes. Sometimes cats become uneasy and may be afraid of the loud noise of the air conditioner. Large size air conditioners, especially with old models, are mostly loud when you turn them on. It may scare your cat because they are not used to it. They may not have heard such voices before, which is why they are a bit scared. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do as an owner of such a cat. Keep the air conditioner on for a few months, and your cat will get used to it in some time.

The Temperature Your Cat Can Tolerate

Cats are resilient animals that can easily withstand significant temperature changes, but sometimes tolerating extreme cold weather may be too much for them. As a cat owner, you can maintain the temperature according to your cat. For example, 32 degrees Fahrenheit will be suitable for it. If your cat is outside at a freezing temperature, you need to arrange a shelter for it.

On the other hand, you will be surprised to see your cat in extremely hot weather. It will still feel comfortable at 100 degrees, and most people keep this temperature in their homes.

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Several Factors to Consider

There are a few things that may affect your cat’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures, which will eventually affect its comfort as well. It will depend on what type of cat you own and its characteristics. Following are the factors that you may consider to have the most suitable temperature for your cat.

Cat’s Size

Large-sized cats can easily retain heat in their bodies, while small-sized ones will find it more difficult to do that.

Cat’s Coat Thickness 

Thick and long fur coats on a cat’s skin act as a shield in scorching heat or freezing nights. Cats with thick coats commonly prefer cool temperatures as they absorb more heat in their body. 

Cat’s Weight

If your cat is healthy and has a lot of fat on its body, then it might bring temperature sensitivity. Overweight cats occupy a thick insulating layer that defends them from unconditional weather changes. Similarly, underweight cats easily get under the weather. 

Wrapping Up

So, if you are worried about your cat’s uneasiness regarding temperature and air conditioning, this article will help you find the solution by maintaining the right air conditioner temperature, thus making your cat comfortable.

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