History of Cats and How They Became Domesticated

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History of Cats and How They Became Domesticated

Cats’ History!

It took a little bit of time, effort and hard work to get combined the riddle of from where cats have been domesticated, how and when. One perhaps thinks, that the historical record might disclose the query easily, however, domesticated cats and wild cats have considerably a similar skeleton, complicating the issue more.

A Few of a Prominent Studies About Cats’ Domestication!

According to recent research conducted by Claudio Ottoni, cat domestication occurred significantly in two strains. The researchers after conducting many studies and researchers have found out that cat domestication initially was started in the Fertile Crescent and later accelerated in Ancient Egypt – the classical era.

Some researchers have also explored another significant instance of cat domestication and stated that cats have been spread around the world in multiple ways. After examining the ancient DNA of cats that had been found in port cities, researchers stated, that cats were brought by ships to different locations in the world. This made cats spread across the globe initially.

Another study was conducted in which the author revealed the term “Felis Sylvestris” which means that “cat of the woods”. In addition, he also revealed that feline was initially domesticated perhaps in the near east, however, some of the researchers argued that the process of cats’ domestication first began 12,000 years ago.

Since humans were mainly hunters, dogs have been of amazing use for people in ancient times also they have been taken into homes too, earlier than cats. Nevertheless, cats on the other hand, only became beneficial when humans started to settle down initially. Perhaps when the very first cat visited the town or people’s grain stores had been attacked by a mouse.

Interestingly, some researchers believe that cats invited and domesticated themselves in with the time as cats were being favored by humans very often. In addition, perhaps cats began to adapt to new environments and places – producing the countless breeds of domesticated house cats, “furry cat” titled today.

Good or Evil – a History of Cats!

The Egyptian admiration for cats is well-documented and well-known in history. Scientists and scholars have found – in Bemi Hassan, a cat’s cemetery brimming with nearly 3 Lacs cats’ mummies. In addition, Bastet is known as the Egyptian Goddess of peace and love, also had a head of a cat. You would be surprised knowing that getting injured or killing a cat in Ancient Egypt was considered a sin and means a death sentence for the offender.

Additionally, scholars considered a cat as ambivalent towards humans and argued that it perhaps is a reflection of the widely mixed humans’ feelings and the in-depth engagement of cats and humans since humans in the old times treats cats as their pets.

To your surprise, in the Far East, this little animal – the cat was valued and loved for the protection and security they have offered treasured manuscripts from mice or rodents. Besides, Ancient Romans also held a bit of similar – secularized and tempered – reverence for this domestic animal cat, and recognized as a symbol of independence and liberty.

Furthermore, for some reason – during the Middle ages, cats have been demonized in Europe as well. This domesticated animal had often been seen as affiliated with the devil and witches. This is why many of the cats had been killed to ward off evil.

Feline in the Modern World!

Now, overall, cats have become a widely recognized domesticated animal as well as the best companion of humans. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that cats have become domesticated animals without changing much unless dogs.

It is said by scientists that dogs have become domesticated to perform different tasks or for different purposes – which never was the case for cats, which is why dogs have adopted so many changes with the time accordingly. Also, the selection of dogs for specific traits and purposes led dogs to adopt changes in the very limited time period dogs’ diversification to various breeds we recognize today.

Nowadays, this feline is titled a domesticated animal and symbolized as a superstar. It was mid 90’s and cats’ products and services had a billion-dollar industry worldwide. Still, even in the modern world a bit of old-age ambivalence remains the same for some reasons. However, feline doesn’t seem to be able to completely shake its association with the devil. Rather, cats have now become a lifetime companion of humans. Felines are now recognized as the most popular pets across the globe now – with intimately above 74 million cats living in the United States today.

Cats – Part of Our Environment Now!

Humans now don’t want feline rounded up and killed. Rather cats have been traded on a larger scale across the globe now. People love to have a feline in their homes lingering around them, chasing them from the bedroom to the kitchen or teasing them whilst cooking food. Even though cats have their own nature and personalities and it varies from cat to cat, they love to adopt the hobbies of their owner. You would sit on the sofa and you will see this little cute creature kept following you on the sofa. You would play and this loving animal would love to play with you. cats, in a nutshell, love to do whatever their owners do.

Are You Ready to Get Your Feline Home?

Getting the best and perfect cat can be a tricky challenge if you are new in the town. However, no worries, if you already are ready to get your feline in your home, you just have to make sure that you are getting it from the right, authentic and credible cat store. Also, make sure to arrange cats’ products and foods as well. but before all this, conduct a little bit of research about cats as a pet animal, the benefits of having cats at your home, how to take care of cats, and so on to better fulfill your desire.

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