Are Kitty Condos Worth Buying?

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Cat condo

Give your cat a place to relax and unwind after a long day of napping and getting a pet. A kitty condo is a perfect place for your cat to do this, and Kitty condos offer many amenities that your cat would love!

Kitty condos

Kitty condos come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. They come as mini room-like structures, where your cat can climb in, rest, and take a nap. These can come as outdoor structures or ones to keep inside. There is a wide variety of kitty condos that one can choose from. They come in the shape of an apartment for cats, a modern cat tree, and a kitty enclosure.

Dangers of the outside world

All cat moms and dads understand the stress and fear they feel when they see their cat returning from roaming around outside the house. When cats roam around outside the house, there is the danger of them getting hurt or killed. There is always a possibility your kitty will get run over by a car on the road, get preyed on by a larger animal, or catch an infection or a bug. So, many cat owners decide to keep their cats inside the house and not let them go out.

Benefits of the outside world

While it is true that letting your cat go outside can be dangerous, the outside world still has a lot of benefits to offer too. Letting your cat go out and stretch or play will be healthy for their mind and body, and it will keep their brain and muscles healthy and active. Letting them explore can also be stress relieving for them. It is also an instinct for cats to go out of the house and explore their surroundings.

Benefits of kitty condos

There are so many different benefits of purchasing one of these kitty condos. Whether you buy one that looks like a mini apartment, or a cat tree, your kitty is sure to love it! They will have their own private little space to go and hang out when they are tired or want a quiet place to rest. They can go rest in it or play – whatever your kitty prefers.

Cat trees

Cat trees come in many different shapes and sizes. There are cat trees for large cats, and also ones you can purchase for your kittens. Cat trees are used for playing or resting, but the best cat tree will be available for both.

Some cat trees come with soft fur beds so that your kitty can rest, and some come with pom-poms and other objects your cat can play with. These cat trees can be a great way to ensure your cat gets plenty of exercise and rest.

Should I buy a kitty condo?

Kitty condos are worth the buy for sure, and here’s why.

Suitable for multiple cats

Are you a kitty lover? Do you have more than one cat at your house? Then you need to purchase a tall kitty condo. The taller it is, the more levels it will have. This means all of your cats can use this one condo to play, and you don’t need to buy multiple for all your cats to play in. Also, they can interact and play with each other when using the same kitty condo, to strengthen their bond and affection for each other.

Extra comfort

Your cat might love living in your house – especially sleeping in your bed. But these cat condos are built to provide extra comfort to your cat. The material on which your cat would lay down and rest or sleep is specifically designed to ensure your cat is 100% more comfortable than anywhere else in your house.

It will also have just the right amenities in the correct sizes, so it is easily accessible for your cat. For example, you can place a small bowl inside the kitty condo so your cat can eat and drink at their leisure. Some kitty condos even come with inbuilt bowls and other amenities.

A whole house

The best part about buying a kitty condo is that you can add in whatever extras into it. You can even add in a litter box. This way, your cat won’t scratch your door every morning at 6 am and beg you to take them to the litter box. They can use it inside their kitty condo whenever they need to.

Ease of use

Most kitty condos come fully assembled when you order them off the internet. If you buy it from a shop too, you’ll be able to take it home with you fully assembled. However, some kitty condos come in parts, and you will need to assemble them yourself when the package gets to you.

Don’t let this scare you, though! These kitty condos are usually easy enough to put together. All you will need is a hammer and a couple of screws in most cases. Sometimes the screws come with the kitty condo parts.

If you are not a DIY type of person and fear you will end up messing up the kitty condo, order one that comes fully assembled from the get-go. Just make sure to look in the description before you purchase anything. It will most probably be mentioned whether this kitty condo comes fully assembled or if you will need to put it together.

5 Amazing Kitty Condos You Can Buy

We have picked 5 amazing kitty condos for your feline buddy. Take a look!

rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower 61" for Indoor Cats

#1- rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower 61″ for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat Condo with Hammock & Scratching Posts for Kittens, Tall Cat Climbing Stand with Plush Perch & Toys for Play Rest

A spacious and luxurious fun center for your cats. This indoor cat tower is designed to fulfill your cat’s nature to play, exercise, and relax. It is a multipurpose structure with superior material, works perfectly as a recreation paradise for your furry friends.

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo

#2- BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture Kitten Activity Tower Pet Kitty Play House with Scratching Posts Perches Hammock MMJ01

A roomy cat condo with high-quality plush covering, ensuring a very comfortable and enjoyable space for your cats and kittens. It has a super solid construction, easy to assemble, and looks really lovely. This condo from BEWISHOME has 2 spacious hideaway houses for your kitties to sleep in, with a scratching post, a cozy hammock, interactive jingly balls, and sisal twine to play with.

#3- On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves Made in USA, Large Square Cat Condo & Cat Activity Tree in EverGreen

A stunning cat tree house intended for indoor use. It fits great in any room and is easy to assemble. This cat condo is designed for cats up to 32 pounds, made from pressed wood, carpet, and artificial leaves. It is a perfect cat tower for jumping, scratching, climbing, and relaxing.

BOSOZOKU Cactus Cat Tree Cat Tower 43''

#4- BOSOZOKU Cactus Cat Tree Cat Tower 43” with Sisal Scratching Post Board for Indoor Cats Cat Condo Kitty Play House with Perch Basket Toys for Kittens

This aesthetic cute cactus-shaped searching post will surely grab your cat’s attention. It will add a unique element to your modern home and features moppy fabric plush material that feels great for cats to nuzzle. This cat tree has excellent durability, ensuring safety while your cat is jumping, playing, or scratching in it.

JIFULI Cat Tree with Scratching Post, Large Cat Condo Cave

#5- JIFULI Cat Tree with Scratching Post, Large Cat Condo Cave, Multifunction Cat Tower, Top Perch, Kitten Plush Toys, Cat Activity Center

A beautiful cat tree with thickened boards to ensure stability. It does not take a lot of space and is suitable for small rooms. The high-quality plush material will leave you worry-free to let your kittens climb and play on it. It has an integrated top cat bed and an observation deck, with small plush toys on top of the cat litter, making it a really nice place for your cat to rest and play.


These kitty condos usually last a long while, perhaps a few good years, even if you take care of it so, if they can be reused too. Even though your cat probably already adores you, getting your cat a kitty condo will make them love you infinitely more. It is definitely worth the investment. Buy a kitty condo today, and watch as your cat relieves stress and becomes healthier and more active!

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