Cat Litter Box: Where to Put It?

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Where to Put a Cat Litter Box

Are you a cat owner who wants to know more about cat litter box arrangements? Or are you someone who needs tips on how you can maintain the cleanliness of a cat’s litter box?

It can be quite a challenging task when it comes to owning a pet cat. You have to protect your little loved one from all sorts of diseases and ensure a clean environment for it.

Owners often forget that besides bathing their cats, the cat’s litter box should also be cleaned and put in an efficient place, away from household items. If you wonder where is the ideal place to put a cat’s litter box, then keep reading to find the answer.

Private Area

If you live in a small apartment or house, then the best place to put your cat’s litter box would be in areas where it’s out of everyone’s way. Like humans, cats need a private area away from human eyes to feel comfortable and secure.

Most cat owners mistake placing cat litter boxes in bright areas where everyone can see, but this is not the right thing to do. Besides, the cat stool odor could spread as well.

Aside from providing your cat with a private area, it is also important that the litter box is large enough for your cat to move around while peeing or passing stool.

Cat using a triangular litter box

Quiet Areas

Besides ensuring that your cat’s litter box is in a private spot, you should also make sure that you pick a quiet corner, as it helps to promote calmness in cats. When surrounded by loud noise, cats can become anxious and, as a result, will end up choosing a different place away from the cat’s litter box.

If you can’t find places where you think your cat can feel safe, try shifting your furniture here and there to find a perfect area for your cat to relieve.

The Bathroom

If you live in an apartment or a house with multiple large and spacious bathrooms, you should consider placing your cat’s litter box in there. Aside from being a quiet and safe area, a bathroom can make a cat feel extremely secure as they know no one will disturb it.

When placing the litter box in the bathroom, ensure it is in a corner away from the sink or scents that may irritate your cat.

Moreover, if you are constantly busy and do not have time to clean the cat litter box, you could buy a self-cleaning litter box. This way, your cat can use the litter box multiple times without you having to worry about cleaning it every time.

Kitten using litter box in the bathroom

The Laundry Room

Another safe and quiet area where you could place your automatic cat litter box or any other kind is the laundry room, as it is clean and efficient. Usually, no one visits a laundry room unless needed, so it is a great spot to put your cat litter box.

However, keep in mind that the loud sounds of machines could trigger your cat and increase its anxiety. Hence ensure that you only perform laundry when your cat is not around, or try placing the cat litter box in a corner where your cat will not get scared or anxious.

Cats are, in fact, quite intelligent, so if you provide your cat with a safe and secure area for relief, you will have nothing to worry about as they will make it their habit.

The Guest Room

If you have tried other places in your house to put your cat’s litter box and have found that no matter what, your cat is not adjusting to it and instead of using the litter box, it makes a mess on the carpet or the floor, then you should try placing it in the guest room.

When cats repeatedly show the behavior of uncleanliness, it is mainly because they do not feel comfortable and safe in the area where the automatic cat litter box is. So you should place it in a room like a guest room where no one will come or visit while the cat is busy with its business.

Cat litter box on tiled floor

Two Litter Boxes

Some people who own a cat that is introverted and shy put more than one litter box around the house. If you have a large house, you should ensure there is more than one cat litter box so that your cat does not have to walk and travel long distances to reach its safe spot.

You could place litter boxes on two opposite sides of the house so that they are easily accessible. Cats can easily get anxious and nervous; hence to avoid this habit, you should place the litter box in different areas so that your little loved one can choose wisely.

Another important factor to consider is knowing which areas of the house your cat prefers using. From there, you could permanently make it your cat litter box area.


So hopefully, by now, you have an idea of where to place your cat’s litter box. Although owning and taking care of a cat can be challenging, it is also something worth doing for your loved one.

Cats are extremely intelligent, so once they pick up on a habit, they will continue to maintain it throughout their lifetime.