Why Were Cats Associated With Witches in the Past

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Why do Witches Like Cats?

Witches have been known for accompanying a wide variety of creatures, from crabs to lambs and hornets, but cats amongst all were their favorite consorts.

Witches have always been more fond of cats than any other creatures but talk about something new, right?

Cats are the only animal without which Halloween parties are a bore. They have particularly a starring role in Halloween party celebration; after all, what is a Halloween party without at least one human wearing cat’s ears for the night.

Without a feline-themed party, no spooky Halloween celebration is complete. And this popularity of felines at Halloween has a lot to do with witches, so let’s discover this association in more detail.

Witches and Cats – Black Cats and Evolvement of Their Reputation

Portrait of a black cat

Cats were once worshiped like gods before being linked with the devil, thanks to their tarnished reputation, which led to mass death of black cats during the Black Death Pandemic.

This later proved to be a big fat mistake as more people would have survived the rat plague if there would have been more cats to eat them.

Cats Associated with Witches – How Did Witches End Up in a Satanic List?

Word witchcraft may bring negative implications nowadays, but basically, the term witchcraft means the craft of the wise. The word “witch” is derived from wicce or wise. Though witches claim to have magical powers, they have skills for making potions that help heal sickness and illnesses.

What tarnished the reputation of witches was a Christian church that didn’t accept the fact that witches can heal the sick and planned propaganda against witches for attaining magical powers from the devil itself.

Fast forward to witches having a bad reputation that directly impacted innocent felines, and thus, where witches were tried and sentenced to death, so did a lot of cats.

Witches soon became known for being evil, and many believed the theory of witches becoming cats after death. It did not take time for cats to be tied up with the witches and their trials, and they all suffered the same fate as their witch owners.

Another reason cats are linked with black magic can be the spooky behavior all domestic cats have.

Domestic Cats and Their Spooky Behavior

Mysterious in behavior and striking in looks than most of the pets and animals. Cats are known for being constantly on alert and active while humans are sleeping, meaning cats are up most nights while the humans are deep in sleep, putting them in doubt of being a part of sneaky surreptitious midnight gatherings.

Black cat at a dark night

Being incredible hunters, they are prone to be hiding in very odd places and then make a sudden appearance that is startling as well as creepy.

And these sudden emergences like they have winnowed from one place to another is questionable even more spooky, especially on dark stormy nights. They are known for their sensitivity and can hear and see things that aren’t visible to the human eye. Their eyes sometimes at night glow which makes these little creatures even more creepy.

And let me tell you, eye glow is not the only creepy part of this feline behavior. Cats are the only animal belonging to the cats’ species who have slit vertical pupils, which I bet you didn’t notice only one animal has. The serpent. And guess who made his first appearance that was biblical as a serpent? Yeah, satan.

It’s why cats are so often associated with evil that they were linked to witchcraft as well for their nocturnal and independent behavior and nature.                                             

Although this association proved to be very bad for black cats themselves in the past, luckily for all the fans of Halloween out there, feline-themed Halloween parties are way cuter.

Black Cats in Recent Ages

Fortunately, the times have changed from where cats were seen as a symbol of witchcraft and embodiment of Satan is now just a cute, innocent feline companion that almost every household owns.

Cats were regarded as demonic, unpredictable, and dangerous and were shunned and persecuted by superstitious people as they were considered as the door to the devil.

In recent centuries, time has evolved the perception of black cats once again. Black cats, in particular, are in fact, seen as good luck in many lands, especially those which were far from the mess of witchcraft like Russia and Japan.

Black cat lying on sofa

In Japan, single women are suggested to own a black cat as they are believed to bring rich, handsome, and potential husbands to their doorsteps.

Not only does a cat is thought to attract handsome men, but it strangely means a good omen when a black cat crosses your way in Scotland.

White witches who actually are modern-day witches are still fond of cats, more because in the past black cats were linked to witchcraft. Cats are incredible creatures at detecting anything new in the environment that is good for safety.

Cats have rather heightened senses and can hear and see what is invisible to the human eye. They are a great companion, and it’s pretty unbelievable how anybody can associate such innocent creatures with evil and actually take out mass persecution against them.

Everyone had moved past this stigma with their cats until recently. Scientists shocked all cat owners with the recent discovery of cats potentially causing defects in human birth. The disease, Toxoplasmosis, is exclusively caused by felines. A recent study suggested that human fetuses are not the only ones affected but human adults too, linked to obesity and potential cause for brain cancer.

Scientists say that these felines can even alter human behavior, making one potentially attracted to cats.

However, logic and rumors have their limits, and we, cat lovers, do not care about them.

We prefer to stay under the spell of felines and are always ready to own another feline consort.

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