Are Cats Color Blind?

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Are Cats Color Blind?

Have you ever thought about how things would be if you were a cat? How do cats survive, and how do their bodies function? What do they think? How do they taste the same food that we find appetizing or unappetizing? Have you ever wondered how cats see and are cats color blind?

Because these things circle in my head every day, looking at my cat doing the most mundane things, like playing with her toy. While the world has talked about the fish-eye and bird-eye lens way too deeply, there hasn’t been much about a cat’s vision. So let’s discuss some of that today in this article.

We have chosen to discuss cat color blindness and their way of looking at the world because they are among the most loved animals on the internet and in real life.

So here is a scientific breakdown of what cats see, are cats color blind, and what colors do they like and hate the most?

How Many Colors Can Cats See?

There is no truth to conceptions claiming that cats can’t see any colors. In terms of color, a cat’s vision is not much different from a color-blind human being. While humans are considered and studied as trichromats, so are the cats.

Trichriomats is a scientific term that defines an eye that contains three different colored cones and allows them to see hues of blues, greens, and reds properly. But the only difference between cats’ and humans’ ability to see colors is that cats are trichromats in a little different way than human beings.

While shades of green and blue are clear to cats of all kinds and breeds, hues of pink and red are more confusing in their vision. The shade of green appears extremely green in a cat’s vision, but colors like purple will also be seen as a shade of blue.

So there is little to no truth to the claim that cats’ color blindness causes erase all colors out of their vision. Their vision is partial to some colors more than others, but not everything is grey in a cat’s vision.

Another difference between cat and human vision is that the saturation and richness of hues in a human vision are much more than a cat’s vision. They are more likely to see dull and faded colors.

A cute cat with yellow eyes

Are All Cats Color Blind?

There is no fabrication that a cat’s vision is much different from a human being’s vision – in terms of colors and vibrance equally. The same colors we see can be viewed differently by a cat, dull and less vibrant.

Some scientists who studied cat-eye vision even claimed that cats are dichromats because of their confusion about seeing pink and red hues and claimed they could only see 2 colors. But this claim is far from the truth. As mentioned earlier, cats can see some colors more clearly than others, like greens and blues, clearer than pinks and reds. While we can say that color blindness in cats is limited to blues and greens, some are more sensitive compared to others.

It has been studied that the photoreceptors of felines are more sensitive to the green-yellow and blue-violet range wavelengths; they can still see some hues of green in their vision. This is true for some kitties but not all.

To simplify it all, it has been studied and claimed that most of the time, cats are found to be red to green hues color blind, a lot like us humans, but green hues sometimes creep into their vision.

What Colors Do Cats Like the Most?

While some colors are more vibrant in a cat’s vision than others, setting the mood with the right colors for your furry little animals is essential.

If you are planning to build a house or buy toys for your feline, you must note to choose colors that bring a sense of comfort and well-being to the animals. The best colors are the lighter note of blue, green, and violet, or a more nature-prone scheme. These colors are well perceived by cats even in dim and low lights, like when the lights are shut off.

Cats seemed to like blue color

On the other hand, nature-prone schemes are associated with the green shade and bring a stronger sense of mindfulness and wellness at the same time. Whereas violet and blue colors are associated with calmness, as well as, it is stated to play a massive role in reducing stress in little animals. You will also see these colors in abundance in a veterinary clinic’s environment because they are not harsh for a cat’s eye or appear as abrasive and dull as grey and white color.

What Colors Do Cats Hate the Most?

When it comes to what colors cats hate the most, we do not have a particular answer to it. There is no specific color that the cats hate because the cat conceives every color differently from humans.

According to the studies, scientific explanations, and analyses of color blindness in cats, these animals see red and orange colors in a much washed out and dull hue. At the same time, shades of green and blue are seen more normally by the little felines. The main reason behind the claim that there is no specific color that a cat hates is the fact that almost all colors are seen in a dull shade in the cat’s vision. Thus, cats can’t differentiate between many at times. Sometimes a cat can not even differentiate between red and green colors.


Do you now completely understand what colors are more visible to a cat and which ones are not, and get an answer to whether cats are color blind or not? So make a better choice when you are planning to buy toys or build a house for your furry little felines.

Not only toys and houses, make sure your cat’s moods or behavior is not being affected by abrasive and dull colors in the environment.

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