Why Are Cats Afraid of Thunder or Fireworks?

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Why are cats afraid of thunder or fireworks

Do you wonder why your cat has been reacting abnormally at the times of New Year fireworks?

Cats mostly react normally under any situation, whether it’s the weather changing conditions such as loud or stormy winds, or it can be due to loud noise. Cats are resilient and easy-going animals, but if your cat hides under the bed, it can be a response to situations that it is afraid of. Your cat might jump on your lap when there is a loud noise of a thunderstorm, and just when it is over, your cat jumps off and starts roaming in the house.

Sometimes a window-rattling thunder and lightning storm, which even haunts a human, can scare cats as well, and it is something totally normal to be afraid of. Simply keep an account of the situations when your cat becomes afraid after a firework has been done or during a thunderstorm. As its anxiety and short-lived fears reside, your cat should come back to its routine. But it’s not normal for a cat to hide for a longer period. There may be specific severe reasons which you need to look for.

Noises That Scares Cat


On occasions like New Year or weddings or even sometimes at parties, fireworks are extremely loud. They may sound normal to people who are used to fireworks, but it can be a real issue for your cat.


Thunderstorm phobia is found in animals as well. So if your cat becomes afraid of a clap of thunder, flashes of lightning, rain with the heavy wind in stormy weather, then it might be due to this phobia.

The Vacuum

The noise of a vacuum cleaner can reach high intensity, and it can be more extreme than the sound of a garbage truck. So next time you clean your house and find your cat hidden somewhere, it might be due to the vacuum cleaner’s sound.

Cat hiding in the dark

Does Fireworks Affect Cats?

The loud noises are a sign of danger for cats. Thus, as a result of fireworks, cats become nervous and stressed. These loud noises will make your cat run off immediately, panicking a lot in such situations. Annually, veterinarians see many road accidents due to cats being scared of loud bangs or explosions. Make sure to consult your vet if your cat is scared of fireworks and, in the end, gets hurt. If you cannot see a veterinarian, then looking for expert advice will benefit your cat’s peace of mind.

How to Prepare Your Cat for Fireworks? 

Make your cat familiar with the bang and other loud noises before a few days of the fireworks celebrations. Involving repeated and progressive exposure to firework noise would surely help them. It will be easier for you if your cat is microchipped, so you can find it during situations that make it afraid and hide in safe corners.

Ways to Help Your Cat During Fireworks or Thunderstorm

A Safe Space

Creating a space for your cat, a small bed with a warm blanket, and a favorite toy to cuddle with will make them feel comfortable. Also, keep the environment quiet, like turning down your TV volume and turning off your loud air-conditioner for some time. Otherwise, it will worsen the fear that your cat is suffering from.

Keeping Warm

Keeping warm with a snug-fitting costume like a jacket, wrap, coat, or vest can be an option to consider for your anxious cat. Such garments usually act as pressure garments that calm your baby cat.

Cat peeking under white blanket


Yes, you heard it well. Just like humans listen to songs in certain situations, cats also love songs that make their mood relaxed and calm. Playing a soothing tone in a small room where your cat loves to be will eventually work for a scared cat. 


When you are planning to clean your house, take your pet out on a cleaning day or if you are bound to stay at home, then distract your cat by playing some games with it. You can also distract it by taking your cat into a separate room where it cannot hear any noise.


Last but not least, medication is an essential thing to consider. Consult your veterinarian about the ongoing situations of your cat. Your vet will surely give some anti-anxiety medications to calm your cat first. Later your vet may examine it by doing some X-ray or blood tests. Until then, be patient with your cat whenever there are fireworks or thunderstorms.

Veterinarian holding a kitten

Calming Your Cat in Fireworks and Thunderstorms

Firstly, ignorance is the best option. Ignore your cat’s nervous behavior since it will help them realize that the situation isn’t dangerous. Cats generally misunderstand the events, and calming them in such situations will be rewarding. Give them some attention and handle them calmly. If you show uneasiness during a storm, your cat will react the same way, so maintain a relaxed behavior.


Therefore, familiarizing your cat with loud sounds will make the situation better. Although the process isn’t easy, try to play the recording of thunderstorms and fireworks on your phone and put them near your cat. All these efforts will eventually soothe your feline friend.

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