They Say That Once a Havana Brown Has Owned You, No Other Breed Will Do. Why?

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Relaxing Havana Brown cat

Having earned the name of “Chocolate Delight” due to their chocolatey-looking fur, Havana Browns are some of the most interesting-looking adorable companions you need to have by your side. Their loving and interesting personality and ability to adapt to any surroundings is more than enough reason for you to buy a Havana Brown.

The Havana Brown price is not as much as something to be worried about. So if you’re thinking of actually buying one of these cute pets, then let’s look into why the Havana Brown will become the cat that no other cat can ever replace, what a Havana cat owns it means, and why it is so dangerous.

They will attach themselves to you

The Havana Brown is known to be loyal to one person the most. They will spend the most time and be most affectionate to this one person, and if that person is you, then congratulations; if you want a loving companion yourself, then this cat will be there for you for as long as it lives.

They have the most beautiful, rare brown fur coat

Their coat color is a warm brown, a kind of reddish-brown, which sets it apart from other cats, earning them the name of chocolate delight. Havana Brown cats were named so because of their similarities with the coat of the Havana tiger. Their mahogany, glossy fur is medium-sized in length, and is very smooth and gleaming, and looks like a fluffy, luxurious beaver coat.

Kittens might have markings on their fur, but it goes away with age. Think about it, how many cats with an all-brown fur coat do you know of? Havana Brown is the only cat species with all brown fur, making them so special. And with fewer than 1,000 left, they are also some of the rarest species.

They are interactive and sweet

Suppose you’re the person that the Havana brown has fallen in love with or their parent. In that case, this cat will attach itself to you and follow you around wherever you go, whether it is your couch or your bed; these cats are always going to come to your attention wherever you are. You should plan on spending a lot of time playing with your Havana Brown, as they are very outgoing and playful.

Havana Brown cat

They always crave attention from their human friends. They also love to be very touchy and do cute things like reaching out to their paw and touching you whenever they want to get noticed. Moreover, the Havana Brown will be very pleased to help you out with your household tasks, though I doubt they will be of much help because they’re not human, after all.

However, the Havana Brown is going to be one of the cutest and most loving companions you could ever ask for.

Washing and grooming them will be a fun activity with them

Because they love the attention so much, bathing your Havana Brown sometimes will be a great bonding experience. Although they do not need to get washed regularly because of minimal hair shedding, a bathing and grooming routine should be established early. First, clean their whole body using a soft rubber brush.

Don’t forget to clean the ears and cut the claws. Then lightly rub up the fur to dry using a soft cloth. They won’t create any problems because Havana Brown is already craving all the attention you can give them.

They will love to play with you and your other cats

Havana Brown cats are social butterflies. They always love to have fun with you, and as they cannot spend a long time all by themselves, you will often find them playing around with other pets if you have any. They will also be very friendly to visitors; instead of hiding away, they’ll try their best to interact.

If your children want a new cat to pet and play with, then the Havana Brown is the perfect choice for them as they will love that. Not only this, many have found it surprising how well they get along with dogs; the Havana Brown is a perfect new friend if your current cats and dogs are feeling lonely and bored, as it will be there to lift their mood. 

Just make sure that the other pets aren’t too small, like fish or reptiles, because the plan might backfire, your Havana Brown may not be able to resist.

They will show their affection in cute little ways

Coming to sit in your lap to show their love for you, or pawing at you to get their attention, just anything that the Havana Brown can show what you mean to it, it will do it. Like for example, when you’re going around the house, it might ride on your shoulders, as a fun activity, or walk around you in your footsteps wherever you go.

Be aware, though, that the Havana Brown is a cat that will attach to one person the most; although it will love, playful, and friendly with other people, there will always be this one special person. So this is not a cat who will show equal affection to everyone in the household, and there is a possibility that jealousy will arise.

They have beautiful green eyes

The Havana Brown species has some unforgettable eyes. Their eyes are oval, and the color is deep green; it ranges from shades of green; however, some have the deepest greens, which perfectly complement their chocolatey brown fur. These eyes are medium in size, spaced wide apart, watchful, and eloquent.

Their personality is cute yet charming

The Havana Browns are very adaptable to their surroundings, gentle, obedient, confident, and very intelligent. They are also very playful. Even though they love to grab your attention, you might find that your Havana Brown is playing by themselves, carrying objects around everywhere, for example, as fetch is their favorite game. The Havana Brown is one of the rarest, most unique species of cats. Getting one will keep your kids and the other cats busy, and know that this is one loyal friend who will not let go of you.

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